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What to do with spring roll wrappers

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Hi there, I'm looking for ideas what  - besides spring rolls - I can do with spring roll wrappers. Any ideas are welcome. Thank you!

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If you are talking about the (post #71632, reply #1 of 4)

If you are talking about the rice paper rolls, I have made "summer rolls" (unfried) by putting chicken and shrimp salad in the ricepapers and rolling them and cutting for serving. it;s a nice way to do it.

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summer rolls (post #71632, reply #2 of 4)

I second what Gretchen said-- summer rolls are really tasty!  I've made both the tofu and the shrimp versions from this recipe:

You can use little tidbits of leftover meat or fish.

Cheers, Jen

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Things other than the usual spring rolls (post #71632, reply #3 of 4)

Hi...I've just discovered spring roll wrappers myself, and I love them!  Endless ideas!  One I like is to make up some finely chopped (no big chunks) apples (cored/peeled), just like you would for making an applie pie, only smaller pieces.  A little sugar, cinnamon, nothing fancy.  I spread a bit of melted butter on the inside of a wrap, put a tablespoon of the apple mixture in the middle, fry, drain and roll in a little powdered sugar.  Delicious!  I make mine more of the "less fat/low sugar" style, but there's so much you can do.  It's almost like an apple fritter, only lighter, and portion control-wise better for you :)

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spring rolls (post #71632, reply #4 of 4)

Suzvw1, that sounds really good-- do you shallow-fry them? 

Cheers, Jen