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Ultra-Thin Biscotti/Biscuits/Crackers Recipe?

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Hi All,


I've really been enjoying these super thin "biscuits" sold at Whole Foods. (Brand name: daelia's.)  They come in varieties such as "Hazlenut-Date" and "Walnut-Raisin".  They're really a hybrid between a cookie/cracker/biscotti.  In fact, I believe I've seen similar things sold as "crackers." Usually in the cheese section.  They're great with cheese (obviously;) and like most biscotti, don't include butter or oil in the ingredients.

I would love to recreate these at home, using at least some flours that aren't all white, but can't seem to figure out the precise method. They're very similar to biscotti, just much thinner.  Whenever I've made biscotti, I've found that you can't slice the dough too thin after the first bake or it crumbles.  Has anyone come across a recipe for something like this?  Or have suggestions on how to achieve a similar cookie in my own kitchen?



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yum (post #70886, reply #2 of 4)

That looks great!  I had forgotten about this recipe-- now that the Cook the Issue Challenge is almost done, I might actually have time to make some.  Also, I like the technique-- I'm better at slicing to a thin, even consistency than I am at rolling.

schintzel, are you archiving the new T&T from CTC here also?  Great resource, thank you.


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Re: T&T recipes (post #70886, reply #4 of 4)

I keep adding T&T recipes to my site as they come up. Never cared for using the forum folder, it's like throwing recipes into a shoebox with no organization. That's why I started the recipe site. ;·)

But anyone is welcome to add recipes to the forum folder, others my find it useful.

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Thanks! Those look exactly (post #70886, reply #3 of 4)

Thanks! Those look exactly like what I'm talking about.  I'll give them a try today!