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Simple, Delicious, Old Fashion Chocolate Cake

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Can anyone point me in the direction to a recipe for a simple, delicious, easy, chocolate cake.  I've searced on-line, all my cookbooks, old Fine Cooking magazines & nothing.  Here's my criteria:

1) It's for a 5 year old's birthday - hence simple

2) I don't want a requirement for 3 cake pans.  2 is all I'm looking for.  8.5 inch or so.

3) I don't want a recipe that asks me to start with a boxed chocolate cake mix and proceed with other boxed ingredients.

4) I'm not crazy about ganache frosting. Looking for a nice chocolate cream cheese, buttercream, anything but ganache.  Simple chocolate frosting with real chocolate.

5) Moist cake with a great frosting

Am I asking too much?  Does anyone have a suggestion?

 Thank you.

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Mmm, chocolate cake! (post #70266, reply #1 of 4)

Hi again sommer2009!

  In the history of this forum, the users have compiled a list of Tried and True recipes.  The index is here:

and if you click on "Cake" there are a couple of good chocolate cake recipes.  Many folks really like the SueB Moist Chocolate Cake-- I haven't tried it, but I'm confident that it is good.  I would skip the espresso powder in the frosting for a kiddie party-- unless you are the aunt and will be sending the kids home right after the party.

For my 5-year-old's birthday, I made the Emergency Blender Cupcakes, which are from "The Weekend Baker" by Abigail Dodge.  The cupcake recipe is also under the cake link.  Hope that helps!


P.S. We had a lot of fun with the cupcakes-- I frosted them in simple pastel colors and the kids each got to decorate two cupcakes, one to eat and one to take home.  I put out a big array of decorations (sprinkles, sugars, small candies) in custard cups.  For most kids, it became an architectural challenge to see how much stuff they could fit on a cupcake.  To send the cupcake home, I rigged up paper cup carriers for transport-- let me know if you would like the details.

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Sue B's Moist Chocolate Cake (post #70266, reply #2 of 4)

Hi Pielove!

This looks more like it!  Sue B's chocolate cake sounds good!   I think I will take your advise and not use the espresso in the frosting. 

Thank you so much for your help!  The site looks to be a good resource for other great recipes.




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The recipes in the T&T folder (post #70266, reply #3 of 4)

The recipes in the T&T folder are ones that at least three forum members have tried and recommended, so the folder is really a great resource. You can feel confident the recipes will work. Good luck with your cake.

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Sue B.'s cake or a Texas (post #70266, reply #4 of 4)

Sue B.'s cake or a Texas sheet cake (on the internet EVERYwhere) are completely non-fail and
absolutely delicious. I particularly like the Texas sheet cake made with all butter. Can't be beat.