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My husband has been asking me to make a dish he remembers having in a reataurant in Germany many years ago.  He said it is a thin slab of pork rolled around a stuffing and baked.  Not rouladen (beef rolled around a pickle with other stuff) but definitely pork.  Does anyone have a recipe?

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I'll ask DH. He grew in Germany. I lived there for a few years but have never heard of pork rouladen. The closest thing I can think of is a dish I had at a Bavarian Biergarten where they took thin slices of pork with a good layer of fat and rolled it up. FWIW, I can't ever recall having pickles in rouladen, though I didn't eat it often.

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I have several German customers, I'll email them and ask :)

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I remember my aunt Mildred bringing this dish to. My grandmother's house and how delicious it was the pork was thin, savory and the stuffing was pretty basic but I can't seem to find this dish either. I'm thinking about going to the Italian butcher, buying the same thin pork that is used for brachiole, seasoning it with thyme, salt, pepper, flattening th with a meat tenderizer, rolling it around a bread bread stuffing with maybe apples, butter, celery onions and a little more thyme, braising the rolls in a small amount of butter and oil, nice and brown, adding a small amount of white wine, like 1/2 cup to just Flaver it up, OR a can of cream of mushroom soup, covering it and baking it slow and low on like 275 for 2 or 2.5 hours then uncovering it and baking it at maybe 350 to 400 for like 1/2 hour to make it a little crispy, maybe. PLEASE let me know if you have going the recipe! Thanks and god bless

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Hi Mike, Sorry, I don't have a recipe like this but it does sound great-- you're right that you could probably adapt a braciole recipe. Good luck and please report back. I'm especially interested in what cut of meat you use, as I have a half of a pig to use up!

Cheers, Jen