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recipe for lactose free cookies

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hi , I have been asked to bake some cookies for someone who has a gluten allergy and for someone who is lactose intollerent. so I am looking for cookie recipes that will appease both people. I can make separate ones for the gluten allergy and then a different one for the lactose allergy. So please help me soon with recipes for these 2 needs.


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I would suggest you go to a (post #71563, reply #1 of 2)

I would suggest you go to a gluten free forum (there is one on Delphi--and MANY on the internet) and get a recipe. There are things that must be used to compensate for the flour gluten. And for your lactose intolerant person, look for a vegan recipe.

Maybe you could make something different for these folks--spiced nuts, fudge, candy, marshmallows, etc.

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Meringues (post #71563, reply #2 of 2)

Hi there--  I made these meringue cookies:

I thought they had the texture of styrofoam, but my daughter (who is almost 7 now) loved them and keeps asking for them.  These macarons are also amazing:

but they don't keep as well and you would have to select the filling carefully to avoid lactose.  You could also try macaroons:

Good luck and, as Gretchen says, the gluten-free forums are also a great resource.  Happy baking!

Cheers, Jen