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Puerto Rican Recipe suggestions?

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Hi everyone.  My daughter in sixth grade is doing a research project on Puerto Rico, and will get extra credit (which she really needs thanks to her "middle school slump") if she brings in a Puerto Rican food.  Any ideas or recipes for us?   My daughter would like an appetizer to share with her class.  Thanks in advance for your ideas!


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Pork pernil is a Puerto Rican recipe, and is delicious.

have you googled? It is always your friend--and your daughter's.


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Truthfully, I did not know what plaintains were (read Biscuit's post), so I googled them.  I think that may be the way to go, especially since I didn't know what they were, I am assuming that not many sixth graders know what they are.  The trick will be finding them in my small town.  We may need a road trip to a Wegman's over the weekend.  The other trick will be the actual cooking--we are staying at my in-laws (they are in Florida until Tuesday) because our house is between kitchens; the new one is not quite ready and the old is now a dining room!  Thanks for the ideas--I'm sure that there will be a few more.

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If you google Puerto Rican food, there's a site with kid's food. There is an easy to make (or so it says) coconut candy. I'd post a link if I knew how.

There are lots of other sites to look at, too. You may find something simple that can be made with local products.

Too bad about your kitchen situation, too. That does complicate matters. :(

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Very simple Marcia. You place your crsor over the address in the address window of the page you want to link. Right click, click on copy. Now stored for use. You can then paste the addy link by placing your cursor where you want to place the link. Right click and then click paste.


You can use the same to copy and paste anything. Highlight, copy then paste.


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Thank you, Ozark. I've been told before, but I'll print out your reply. Printing I can do. ;-)

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If you do the plantains (tostones), make sure you soak them in salt water before frying.  Fry in 350 oil til they are just barely done, take them and let them drain on paper towels.  After they cool down, put a folded towel over them and mash them down to about half their thickness.  Slice them about an inch thick to start with.

Fry again, sprinkle with salt and I love mine with a hot sauce.

You might also try arroz con pollo, that was probably the most popular dish with the locals while we were living there many years ago.


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My favorite Puerto Rican appetizer is tostones - totally addictive.  Just twice fried plaintains.  Slice them, fry them, smash them, and fry them again.  Little salt.  Lovely things (g).

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I think you can't go wrong with Arroz con Gandules (rice and pigeon peas).

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The cookbook "Daisy Cooks" by Daisy Martinez . You can probably find it at your library.