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Looking for Sweet Potato Souffle recipe

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Recently on a trip to our Wholefoods in Illinois, I purchased a sweet potato souffle from the prepared foods section.  It was absolutely amazing.  Dense, smooth filling with a crunchy, chewy pecan struessel on top.  It was spiced perfectly.  Does anyone have a good recipe for sweet potato souffle.  Please help.


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I think a sweet potato (post #71526, reply #1 of 1)

I think a sweet potato pudding recipe would be your "souffle" since you say it was dense--and in the prepared food section (so maybe not a souffle with the separated egg whites folded in and high and light).

I cannot paste here, but if you google for "sweet potato pudding" you'll find a lot. I made a casserole of it for Thanksgiving several years ago --we don't "do" marshmallows--and it was delicious.