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lemon white chocolate cake from Chocolatier magazine

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Hello! New here, but I sure hope someone can help me out--

I have lost one of my favorite recipes from Chocolatier magazine, a 1984 issue, I think (but not sure...).  It is called something like Ruth Klingel's Lemon White Chocolate Cake (or maybe gateau?) and contained ground nuts in the batter. I made it for my wedding  (yup--i made the cakes--6 of them, all different!) and wanted to make it for our 20th anniversary but could not find the recipe or the magazine anywhere!

I have searched the Internet and have even tried to buy back copies of the magazine--but got closed out every time. If any of you have it, I would be thrilled if you would share it. 

I have many recipes from magazines and from my West Virginia mother's tried-and-true down home collection, and would be more than happy to share any you might be interested in.

Thanks for any help!