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Kroger's potato salad

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My son hates my potato salad--he will only eat the "mustard american potato salad" in the plastic tubs from Krogers.  Does anyone have a version of that?  Or is he "acting out" at 17, and fed too much "gourmet" food from culinary school?   Thanks!  --Bunny


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I have no idea what Kroger's is like, but I've made my mustard loving family happy finally by dousing the cut up potatoes (still warm) with Italian vinaigrette, letting it soak in while the potatoes cool and then just adding a couple of T. of salad mustard to regular mayo or even Miracle Whip (for those who like that) until it's a nice yellow color and dressing it with that. You add whatever other veggies you want to chop up, some chopped dill pickles, etc. and dress it rather dryly with the mayo/mustard mix. Pretty tasty and very simple.

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