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Bulgur wheat - seeking rich bold recipe served hot!

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Hi all~ I like bulgar wheat but notice there is a shortage on cooking it with rich flavors and serving it hot. What gives? Any good recipes you know of to share? It's so healthy so I want to learn more about it and ways to cook it and make it as flavorful as any rice dish can be made.


Please share your thoughts and recipes!


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Ah, good question-- I have a package of bulghur sitting on my counter right now, just waiting to see if, this time, I will manage to make tabbouleh before the parsley liquefies.  As for hot recipes, I don't know of many-- my grandmother used to serve one, which we called "vulgar bulghur"-- I think it was more of a hippie thing rather than a more traditional Middle Eastern use.  I will keep my eyes open and let you know if I come across anything!

Cheers, Jen


P.S. Edited to add, do you ever use Tastespotting? If you search using the query "bulgur pilaf", you get some tasty-looking recipes: