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Appetizer - turkey, champagne and grape jelly meatballs?

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Many years ago I found a recipe for cocktail meatballs in a healthy cookbook.  Recenty there was a party and I couldnt find the book, nor the recipe anywhere.  I also checked online but only found the ingredients turkey (or beef), grape jelly and chili. So I am looking for the recipe which contained ground turkey, grape jelly and Champagne.  Is anyone familiar with this????  I sure hope so and if you do, share it with me.  Thanks Marilyn

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Hi Marilyn,

I've not heard of a variant with champagne-- seems like that would make the sauce watery.  I suggest you make the regular grape jelly and chili sauce version, then serve the champagne on the side to drink!  If you must, you could add no more than a cup of champagne to the sauce and then simmer it until it thickens a bit.  Seems like a waste of sparkling wine though!


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Thanks for your response and serving Champagne on the side is a good idea.  However, I know the recipe had Champagne in it and it did not include any chili.  I just dont remember what other ingredients other than ground turkey or ground beef.  The meatballs were made very small.  I see what you mean about it being juicy but there must have been something else in it that thickened it.  Again thanks   feijao