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graham cracker crust

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I made the Toasted Bittersweet S'mores Bars by Abigail Dodge twice now.  the first time I crushed the graham crackers by hand and the second time used boxed crumbs.  Both times the crust did not hold together when the bars were cut.  I increased the cooking time by two minutes the second time and it was better with the boxed crumbs, but should I increase the butter?


1 cup crumbs with 3 tablespoons of butter--baked at 350 degrees for 12-14 minutes.


Any advice is welcome.



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Hi Ann!

That recipe sounds tasty!

As for the crust not holding together, the recipe calls for 3T butter to 1c crumbs-- that seems like plenty, did the mixture feel dry or like wet sand?  My advice would be to make sure that you compact it well by tamping it down firmly, and make sure you refrigerate it well after pouring the ganache.  Also, I see a few crumbs in the photo that comes with the recipe-- this crust may just be a bit messy!

Cheers, Jen