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Robyn, Biscuit STILL can't log in here

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Surely that could be an easy fix--although it doesn't seem to be. I and she knows you are aware, and perhaps working on it, BUT....

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Just keeping this 'alive'. (post #69026, reply #1 of 23)

Just keeping this 'alive'.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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I find this especially ironic (post #69026, reply #2 of 23)

I find this especially ironic as Biscuit's post is featured in the letters section of the latest FC. Won't get any more of those will they?

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hahahahahahaha (post #69026, reply #3 of 23)


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@Gretchen: I completely (post #69026, reply #4 of 23)

@Gretchen: I completely understand your frustration (and Biscuit's). If it were an easy fix, I promise: it would have been done five minutes after she first wrote to me.

I hate to say it yet again, but we're still working on it. Sorry.


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@Robin: It would be really (post #69026, reply #5 of 23)

@Robin: It would be really helpful to have some sort of schedule or timeframe - otherwise you're just abdicating responsibility for managing our expectations. We're all going to establish our own expectations in the absence of information from you (Taunton) - and we've already seen that those are unrealistic. Even though I understand that it's going to take a while, I come back here hoping to see things changed more often than makes any sense.

Either you control the message or the message controls you. You've been operating on the latter for far too long.

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Thank you Steven, I asked for (post #69026, reply #7 of 23)

Thank you Steven, I asked for that so many times but the answer is never forthcoming. If they don't yet have some general idea of how long it will take to see substantive improvement, that tells me they don't have the expertise needed to reprogram the out-of-the-box Drupal.

The other possibility is they know but for some reason have decided not to share that with us. Equally discouraging to contemplate.

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The other possibility is know (post #69026, reply #8 of 23)

The other possibility is know generally as not giving a rats ass.

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@Steven: I (post #69026, reply #9 of 23)

@Steven: I understand—and agree to an extent. I'd love to tell everyone to check back from CooksTalk Classic on X date to see X fix or upgrade, but it isn't that easy. It's the case for all the forums: When the Web producers get information from the tech team/developers, we share it. In the meantime, they are working through the multitude of bugs and issues we've logged in the system triage-style. I simply don't know how long it will take.

It's no secret: Solving the chronology issue has been the hot priority the past few weeks. We also have a designer revising the color scheme and adding a border around replies. Neither of those things are new information, and both are still in the works. Neither has a specific project end date—they're simply worked on until solved and designed until approved.

I realize I haven't posted a status update this week; it's not an "absence of information" thing as much as it is an absence of new information. But, I will touch base with the tech team on Tuesday and report back with something, hopefully, that might help manage those expectations.


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tech team/developers If (post #69026, reply #11 of 23)

tech team/developers
If memory serves me correctly, that is A (as in , "one")person. Is that like Victor Borge's inflationary language, in that long ago priceless routine? I certainly got a chuckle out of it. ;o)

Maybe you could convey to the "powers" that there is some significant interest in maintaining THIS as a site, and that many do not want to act on Jason Reveson's very rude suggestion to US to "just go on wherever we want on the web".
It might indicate that there are consumers that they might like to appreciate "also".
Patience is a virtue, but it is also a finite thing depending on how one is treated along the way.

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Robyn, we get that YOU don't (post #69026, reply #12 of 23)

Robyn, we get that YOU don't know how long it will take. What we are asking, politely and repeatedly, is that you ask the tech team to tell you how long it will take. And keep asking until they give you an answer.

Because they must by now be able to roughly estimate how many hours of reprogramming this will require, and how many hours per week they can spend on this work aside from their other duties.

If they truly don't know that yet, after two MONTHS of studying the problem, then pardon me but that is really absurd.

If someone at Taunton can't say by now that this site will be operational in April or in July or in October or in 2011, then you (more specifically Jason R and Sue) need to hire someone more capable to handle the task. Two months is more than enough time to scope out the project and produce a timeline.

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@Robyn: You write in a way (post #69026, reply #13 of 23)

@Robyn: You write in a way that suggests that you and the tech team/developers work for different organizations. Even if you're on different teams, in the end, you don't. Like others who participate here, I work in technology and understand what it takes to define requirements, design, build, test, and deploy a software system (and to enhance or maintain one after it's deployed).

"Triage-style" means that you prioritize issues (i.e. bugs and enhancement requests) and select some subset to be addressed in a future release. Once the issues are selected, a project plan with schedule is developed. If the tech team doesn't have a project plan with a projected delivery date, then they're not being managed effectively.

In terms of managing expectations, any update is better than none at all.

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible
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This seems to be a classic (post #69026, reply #14 of 23)

This seems to be a classic situation of putting the IT team in charge of a project instead of the users. Never does work and never will.

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It's always a joint effort. (post #69026, reply #15 of 23)

It's always a joint effort. The tech team asks, "What do you want?" while the users ask, "What's possible?"

I get the sense that management has abdicated its responsibility.

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible
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That is the exact recipe for (post #69026, reply #16 of 23)

That is the exact recipe for disaster I am talking about. Someone always needs to be in charge (project manager). The issue is whether that person is from the IT group or the users.

If you have the techies asking what do you want and the users asking what is possible, it is obvious that neither knows the right answer. A bad project will result.

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I'm in agreement WRT having (post #69026, reply #17 of 23)

I'm in agreement WRT having the right person running the project.

Regarding the users and the techies, I think that you misunderstood me or I was insufficiently clear: my point is that it's a joint effort. The two groups exchange points-of-view until they reach an appropriate balance of technology-enabled functionality. And, though I paraphrased the questions briefly, the questions are always more nuanced than I suggested.

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible
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@Robyn: It's now two days (post #69026, reply #18 of 23)

@Robyn: It's now two days since your expected meeting with the tech team. How did the meeting go?

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible
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@Steven: Sorry, I was out of (post #69026, reply #19 of 23)

@Steven: Sorry, I was out of the office unexpectedly this week. Back today. When I checked in with the developer on Tuesday, I got a response that made me optimistic (again). In the next week or so, we're going to start seeing some progress on the top priorities I mentioned here and in my last status update.

I just heard the sound of a dozen stopwatches clicking.

All, please understand that we're doing the best we can. You're frustrated, loosing patience, want answers, timelines, and fixes. I hear ya.


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"I just heard the sound of a (post #69026, reply #20 of 23)

"I just heard the sound of a dozen stopwatches clicking."

I think you might need your hearing checked, there's nobody left, certainly not 12.

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This happened to me on (post #69026, reply #6 of 23)

This happened to me on another forum*-- I switched to google chrome and suddenly I could not log in, the admins reset the account (twice), but I still could not log in. Eventually I gave up and registered as a different username.

That comment about Max and the cake was really superb. I hope she makes it back here soon.


*Chicago food chat, a great source for Chicago.

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And given the crowd here, (post #69026, reply #10 of 23)

And given the crowd here, just why would she even want to come back?

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Robyn??? What about Biscuit? (post #69026, reply #21 of 23)

Robyn??? What about Biscuit?

"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and, above all, confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be obtained." -Marie Curie

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Ah, you resurrected this one. (post #69026, reply #22 of 23)

Ah, you resurrected this one. I was about to start a new one. But truth be told, from Biscuit, she really doesn't care any more. it has been almost 6 months since she asked for their help, and they can't seem to get anything done. It's only one person, you know.  :O(

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Biscuit (post #69026, reply #23 of 23)

No one is more frustrated about Biscuit than I am. On first and subsequent passes the deveopers could find no obvious reason why she's unable to post. She's the only case we know of, which makes it even harder to solve. All I can do is keep it on the list of bugs for the deveopers to work through. I'm sorry it's taking so long.