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New Thread--Old complaints-sorry if it "offends'

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any board member for repetition, but it is impossible to find things in the threads now because of the need to scroll endlessly.
These have all been addressed often and at length, and better than I, particularly by Kathycmo, and Mean.

1. A thread shows "new" replies. It is 90 posts long. Why have to scroll through to "possibly" see the minute "new" in a light pink!
2. On some threads, I think the "new" is not even correct.
3. ORANGE has to go. And the "light red" on pink for the side bar is equally silly. What is wrong with readable dark colors--just not "cool" enough. It will be particularly interesting to see if this is done, since it seems to be the "foundation" of the "new, cleaner, better" site.
4. Numbered replies so a reply can be connected to the proper post and not just some random arrangement. Who knows what is being replied to.
5. "Recent replies" is an exercise in disconnect. Means absolutely nothing.
5. Why not be able to edit a post ad infitum--what IS the time limit? Why is there one?
6. Why not be able to delete a message? We've all thought better of something we've put out there. I know it's been "answered" but I don't think it is a good answer.

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Gretchen, I agree with you (post #67941, reply #1 of 13)

Gretchen, I agree with you about everything. It is amazing to me that the system is able to put the site you are on in black on the left, but the rest are in that horrid orange. Why not put them all in black? I would add that the ability to mark all discussions as read, particularly since any discussion which is added from the old site shows up as all new, is important.

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Last evening I followed a (post #67941, reply #2 of 13)

Last evening I followed a link and came to a page that looked like our old site and I actually cried (I don't easily) from the nostalgic familiarity of what used to be. I hadn't realized to the extent I had benefited, not just for cooking help and inspiration, but also from the camaraderie it gave me when I was feeling down or struggling about anything. This is such a huge loss for me and I'm sure it still hasn't fully sunk in, I'm in shock!

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I agree with your feelings. I (post #67941, reply #4 of 13)

I agree with your feelings. I feel like I am mourning the loss of an old friend. Not to repeat all that has been previously said, but I want to second (third, fourth, etc.) that the orange print is exceedingly hard to read. The organization sucks. (I could say that it is confusing, difficult, tedious, and time-consuming but "sucks" reflects my disgust much better.) As it is now, the new site is much too time consuming to be of use to me. I simply don't have the time it takes to poke around looking for what is new since I last logged on. What a mess.

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How did this show up in big (post #67941, reply #3 of 13)

How did this show up in big bold BLACK print on the left?

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I'm trying to be patient and (post #67941, reply #5 of 13)

I'm trying to be patient and figure this new forum out but I have to say that it is just too cumbersome! I really haven't time right now to figure this all out.....I agree that the timing of this change is the pits! December is a hugely busy time in the kitchen for us all; who needs this aggravation?

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I just went through 12 pages (post #67941, reply #6 of 13)

I just went through 12 pages to get rid of '1' new message. Isn't there a 'mark msgs as read' thing available? Or something?

Speaking of 12 pages, you don't automatically go to the next page after going all the way back to the top, so remember hwat page number your on.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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"This is such a huge loss for (post #67941, reply #7 of 13)

"This is such a huge loss for me and I'm sure it still hasn't fully sunk in, I'm in shock!"

My feelings exactly. I had resigned myself to the deterioration of the magazine, but why did they have to ruin our Cooks Talk? I am starting to feel like I hate these people.

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It is nice to see you make (post #67941, reply #8 of 13)

It is nice to see you make total sennse for a change. LOL

This Forum change was made by a bunch of incompetent people. So now we have to plead with these same dumb asses to fix this thing. But they didn't have any idea what they were doing in the first place, so why in the world do we expect them to fix anything?

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I assume you are (post #67941, reply #9 of 13)

I assume you are complimenting moi!! ;o) But then, we'll never know will we, BECAUSE we have no way of doing it!!

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Of course I am complimenting (post #67941, reply #10 of 13)

Of course I am complimenting you. I am one of you 3 fans. LOL

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I am having to log on twice (post #67941, reply #11 of 13)

I am having to log on twice for some reason. First I log onto in order to use the icon to get to CooksTalk, and then I have to log on again to post a comment or reply on CooksTalk. When I leave my thread to log on, it goes away and I have to start over. This time I couldn't find it again. It was one those commenting on the new site, and someone said there was a way to get rid of the orange. Add me to those asking what that is, or somebody please direct me back to the lost thread.

I HATE this.

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First, you have to be using (post #67941, reply #12 of 13)

First, you have to be using Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. Peter downloaded some sort of ad elimination program, and it not only eliminated the ads, but it turned Sandra's orange to blue. I think it was in the thread about "Is there anything you like about the new system" or some similar title. Decided it probably could never be found, but here's Peter's description:

Hi, first you need to download and install Ad Block Plus as an ad on to your browser. And I think it is only for Firefox.

Next right click on an ad. In this case I used the huge TAUNTON on top of the page. You will see toward the bottom of the dropdown menu a reference to AdBlockPlus. Click on that and then choose to activate the custom filter. Voila, the space gobbling TAUNTON is gone. This is reversable also. Now as a by product of this exercise, it turned the hard on the eyes orange to a nice blue. I don't know why this is so. But I am glad it happened.

The AdBlockPlus is a useful tool. Hope this helps.

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I did the above, but still (post #67941, reply #13 of 13)

I did the above, but still have the orange???