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Status Update From Robyn (12/18/09)

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Hi everybody,
I know you are anxious for answers and updates. The new box you see to the right is one of the easiest ways for me to to communicate what we're working on in terms of fixes and improvements. As information changes or fixes are in place, I'll update the box and post links to examples. These are not the only six things we're working on, but it's where we're starting.

If you brought a particular issue to my attention and you don't see it on the list, sit tight. We'll get to it. Why don't I have dates and times next to each item? Because I don't know them yet. This forum is ever evolving. Some things are easier to do than others and some things are global fixes and CT is in line right along with the other forums.

At launch I asked for patience and I'm going to ask for more. CooksTalk is one part of a very rich Web site. It's deep and it's wide and it's maintained by a very small—but dedicated—team.


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Thanks Robyn. I think those (post #68401, reply #1 of 56)

Thanks Robyn. I think those are the most pressing concerns of all.

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I'll be patient but it would (post #68401, reply #2 of 56)

I'll be patient but it would help to know if we're talking weeks or months? For the bulk of the things on the list in the new update box?

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That is a nice progress. (post #68401, reply #3 of 56)

That is a nice progress. Although reading messages in chronological order and with a link is very helpful, hiding messages that I have read is also a primary concern. I hope that is on the list also.

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Thanks Robyn! (post #68401, reply #4 of 56)

Thanks Robyn!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Thank you, Robyn. (post #68401, reply #5 of 56)

Thank you, Robyn.

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Thank you so much, Robyn. It (post #68401, reply #6 of 56)

Thank you so much, Robyn. It helps to know that someone is listening to our complaints, even if they are not always posted in the kindest manner. I would echo Gretchen's desire to get rid of the messages already read. If we're concerned about the content of a message replied to, we can always go back. Would like to have the ability to mark all messages as read, too. That would be particularly useful with the changeover.

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And there is the question of (post #68401, reply #7 of 56)

And there is the question of that pesky color orange.

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There'll be more to report on (post #68401, reply #34 of 56)

There'll be more to report on that in the new year. You have to bear with it for now, though (sorry!).


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Noted. And, I agree. I'd also (post #68401, reply #33 of 56)

Noted. And, I agree. I'd also like a way of marking (or hiding) the messages I've read. I'll be really surprised if that ends up being something we can't do. Consider it on my list of things to talk to the developer about.


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Thank you Robyn! (post #68401, reply #8 of 56)

Thank you Robyn!

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Thanks, Robyn, the new status (post #68401, reply #9 of 56)

Thanks, Robyn, the new status update box is helpful and encouraging.

And number 4 is already done, so much easier to hop to another forum.


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It certainly wasn't the most (post #68401, reply #35 of 56)

It certainly wasn't the most important item on the original list, but it was the one I could do the quickest. Glad you find it useful.


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That's excellent! It will be (post #68401, reply #10 of 56)

That's excellent! It will be so easy to see what is up next.


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Thank you for the update. (post #68401, reply #11 of 56)

Thank you for the update. You may continue to either ignore me or make your snide comments as we now understand that you find criticism unacceptable. You should be aware by now that the criticism is not directed at you, although you find the need to take it personally. We or I have been directing it all at the person who created this monster.

As we have recently learned the person to whom the wrath should be directed is JR. I must say that if he were working for me and wrote an arrogant antagonistic letter to customers like he did here, he would be out of a job. His bosses must not yet be aware of what he has done.

No one is angry with you. We know that you have no clue what these IT people are doing. All we ask is that you keep us as informed as you can and seek feedback as often as needed.

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MC - we all understand (and (post #68401, reply #12 of 56)

MC - we all understand (and probably agree with) your frustration but I don't think that this tone will be helpful in getting the kind of response that you want. We've made our points, ad nauseum, they've indicated that they will address our concerns. Let's allow them some time to do so (it would, of course, be helpful if they told us when we might see these changes)

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible
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I agree at this point we (post #68401, reply #13 of 56)

I agree at this point we should see what they do. I was simply trying to address Robyn's attitude problem. Nobody blames her for anything that was done (and that was made very clear by all) although she responds as if we blame her. The only blame we ever put on Robyn is her defensive attitude and lack of substantive feedback. Other moderators seem to be able to do it.

Yes I am still pissed at they way this was done.

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Not ignoring you (that's (post #68401, reply #32 of 56)

Not ignoring you (that's impossible to do, my friend). And, I don't mean to come off as snide or defensive. Some days are easier than others.

I don't think "directing your wrath" at anyone is all that productive. What's done is done. Lets just work together to restore CooksTalk to its former glory. It's a process—a slow one—but we'll get there.

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Can you tell us what needs (post #68401, reply #14 of 56)

Can you tell us what needs fixing about the "new" feature?

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If a thread goes to a second (post #68401, reply #16 of 56)

If a thread goes to a second page, when you go to that page, the "new" label disappears so you just have to look for the name or the date for the "new" message. It shows up if it is on the first page of a thread.
And apparently, according to a post that someone found from 2006 about Drupal, this cannot be changed.

MEANCHEF's picture (post #68401, reply #17 of 56)

Were you answering my question? I was asking to find out if they knew what was wrong. LOL

There are also phantoms which they need to find and clear. There also needs to be a way to "mark as read" like in the old system. Otherwise there is no way to clear a giant bunch of new replies except to find them one at a time.

There needs to be a check to insure that each view like Home, new replies, new posts, each discussion etc say the same number of "new"

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Totally agree on all counts. (post #68401, reply #18 of 56)

Totally agree on all counts. ;o)

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Totally agree on all counts. (post #68401, reply #19 of 56)

Totally agree on all counts. ;o)

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Totally agree on all counts. (post #68401, reply #20 of 56)

Totally agree on all counts. ;o)

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Heeee, Gretchen you must (post #68401, reply #21 of 56)

Heeee, Gretchen you must totally agree because your message posted three times!

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Just more to scroll through!! (post #68401, reply #22 of 56)

Just more to scroll through!! I live only to serve!! ;o)

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The "new" feature was (post #68401, reply #36 of 56)

The "new" feature was unreliable (there were times it would say "2 new," in the left hand nav, I'd go to the thread and see more like 10 new replies). If you replied to a comment before scrolling through the end of the thread, it made your reply new, which made it much more likely you'd miss someone else's comment further down in the thread. And there's an issue with "new" only showing up on page 1, also making it likely you'll miss something further down the way. Also, "Recent Posts" and "Recent Replies" (in essence, what's new) wasn't updating, but now it is, thankfully. Clicking "Recent Replies," in my opinion is the easiest way to see what's new in various threads at once.

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There are still phantom (post #68401, reply #48 of 56)

There are still phantom "#new". How can these be gotten rid of?

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Could you please add to your (post #68401, reply #15 of 56)

Could you please add to your status list of fixes that you will get rid of this illegible orange type?

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Sure. Stay tuned. (post #68401, reply #37 of 56)

Sure. Stay tuned.

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Add to the list that links (post #68401, reply #23 of 56)

Add to the list that links you click on should open in a new window. Thank u.