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Is SEARCH working for the forums yet?

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If not, when. I believe it was mentioned it would be up in a couple of days.....

I don't mean by the message number, I mean the other way we had.

Their response from Friday....
Thanks for mentioning Search, Canuck. Here's the deal: At the moment, search will not return any results. It will take a few days to completely index the new system. After the index completes, search will be a lot better than before.

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Mary I read on another forum (post #68101, reply #1 of 14)

Mary I read on another forum that it would take 2 weeks for the search to be ready for action. Maybe that was because they had more to archive on BT than we do here, but I think it will be more than just a few days (already has been).

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Exactly....thanks for your (post #68101, reply #2 of 14)

Exactly....thanks for your help. I am practically in tears trying to find no avail. I appreciate all your well written suggestions on the new format.
Unfortunately Xmas will be come and gone before I can search out what I wanted to prepare....oh well....Cooks Illustrated is looking better and least with my paid online sub. there I get no ads.

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Sounds like it's been extra (post #68101, reply #3 of 14)

Sounds like it's been extra frustrating for you since you need to find things. You might post a "looking for a recipe" thread because someone in CT may have the recipe you're looking for and can post it. That worked for me the other day, Dorcast and Glenys had it.
Hang in there!

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Yes, but I hate to bother (post #68101, reply #4 of 14)

Yes, but I hate to bother everyone...and many were very old...several years ago...and thanks again.

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Have you looked on (post #68101, reply #5 of 14)

Have you looked on Schnitzel's site?

She has archived the T&T recipes there...

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Thanks, I am familiar with (post #68101, reply #7 of 14)

Thanks, I am familiar with her site, but many of mine were like this...
Someone said they saw a great recipe for cookies at: Simply Recipes or the Food Network or I just saved the name of the recipe so I could then search and find it later....thanks I will survive without them this year, but I could just kick myself for not copying and pasting them. Maybe Google will help...but really time consuming.

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Mary, I've save a LOT of (post #68101, reply #12 of 14)

Mary, I've save a LOT of recipes to my Master Cook. If you'd post the names of the recipes you need, I'd be happy to look for them.

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Oh Mary I am ABSOLUTELY (post #68101, reply #6 of 14)

Oh Mary I am ABSOLUTELY certain that no one would consider it a bother. Our community is flummoxed so we have to help each other get through it.

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I will give it a try, but (post #68101, reply #8 of 14)

I will give it a try, but please see my comment to Tracy.

Again, sincere thanks.

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Post something in the "I'm (post #68101, reply #9 of 14)

Post something in the "I'm looking for a recipe" folder... folks here have VERY long memories and I am sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction. It's what we do for each other! :)

Also -- if you have the name of the recipe, use quotation marks around it when Google searching. I've found that helps zero in on exactly what I'm looking for.

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I was told it would take a (post #68101, reply #10 of 14)

I was told it would take a few days. I don't know exactly how many, I was assuming a week or so. I'll try to get something solid in the am and circle back when I do.

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I would greatly appreciate (post #68101, reply #11 of 14)

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter.

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I'm not really replying to (post #68101, reply #13 of 14)

I'm not really replying to you, Mary, but I'm not sure where to click or to change the focus of my response. I haven't been here in weeks and I came to look for a pumpkin bread recipe. Not that I don't already have 5 billion pumpkin bread recipes! So I can't really say much except that it is really, really hard to take a quick glance and see what's new, what's hot. I have to zero in on one thing, then another. That makes coming to the site seem too time consuming. And I look like a guy! or me in 1998, when I had a really short haircut! (I know, I can put up a photo, but right now I'm desperately behind on Christmas cooking/presents/work. Etc. I would imagine that January might have been a little better time to change the forum, but I confess that I have not been an active member for a year or so, so I really haven't got a leg to stand on. Or a pumpkin bread recipe. Actually, I think I'm going to use Bernard Clayton's. One suggestion--keeping the real estate of the forum in the center of the screen, rather than using the whole width, limits the info available. happy holidays, everyone! I do love the changes in the magazine, btw.

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Jo, I will start a new (post #68101, reply #14 of 14)


I will start a new thread so I can attach a pumpkin pound cake recipe. It may not be anything like what you are looking for but I have made it 3 times and it is good. I don't remember for sure where I got it, Epicurious I think.