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Robyn, re priority lists? Are they all the same.This is from FWW

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I hope ours has some other things included, like "read messages only new to me". And of course, our color problem is ENTIRELY different!! I kind of like theirs!!

Hope to hear soon.

Upgrade and Bug Fix Update
Submitted by GEide on Thu, 01/14/2010 - 16:46
in General Discussion
Hi Folks,

The bug fix/upgrade engines are getting into gear again here at Taunton. Sorry for the delay. We met with the tech team today. I listed below some of the top priority fixes. I’ll report back with status updates as I get ETAs for completion. Hopefully they’ll be done soon!

• Upgrade: Improve the layout of discussions: Best solution to let people customize their view: threaded, chronological, etc. Also aim to fix navigation between comments. E.g. such and such comment “in reply to xxx”
• Upgrade: Update the color scheme and layout. Increase contrast between text and background to improve usability. Expand layout to take advantage of full screen. This will reduce scrolling
• Fix attachment problem: Let users upload photos into comments. This is intermittent, apparently some people can (e.g. me) and others cant.
• Fix editing problem: Let users edit (and preview) their own posts.
• Fix email notification problem: Some users get a 404 error when they try to open the email links. Usually happens when individual is not already logged in.
• Fix url problem for posts with duplicate titles: E.g. recent “Scroll Saw” post links to this 2006 post,, not the actual recent post:
• Delete duplicate “activity tabs”

There are obviously many other bugs to fix. We’re keeping track of them, thank you for helping us to ferret them out.


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Interestingly, there is no (post #68936, reply #1 of 3)

Interestingly, there is no way for me to edit the above post after it is posted. That would seem to be a bug needing to be fixed also.

I wanted to add above, that last week we had asked for "the Cooks Talk" priority list from you so we would know what was being worked on. Maybe you haven't met with the tech team yet.

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If you look on the status (post #68936, reply #2 of 3)

If you look on the status updates it says they fixed the "new" problem. As I have pointed out before, it is not fixed by any stretch of the imagination. For some reason it has never made it back on the to-do list.

To me the only major problem we have is the "new",chronology, reply reference issue. It is all tied together in what we have been calling navigation issues.

The rest of the stuff can be fixed in due time but are in no way deal breakers.

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Gina beat me to the post. (post #68936, reply #3 of 3)