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Forum Transfer Status Update

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Since we finished our transfer of the forums to the Drupal platform over a week ago, we have been collecting feedback from the Taunton forum communities. Our producers and developers have read through all of the many feature requests, account questions, bugs, and calls for updates.

In order to have a clear and direct line of communication with you about our progress in addressing these, we have posted a notice block at the upper right hand corner of every page with the latest status on the most important changes (such as notifications, finding new content and search), as well as an FAQ about how to use the new forums. This block will be the place where all announcements, such as this one, will be posted.

Here is the progress so far:

1. Fix the "new" feature to actually show what's new.

Completed. This caching issue was specifically affecting the Breaktime forum and new content should be refreshed in the “latest posts” and “latest comments” areas.

2. Enabling notifications so you will receive an alert when someone comments on your posts.

Completed. Members must individually opt-in to receive email notifications. To do this:
- login,
- edit your profile,
- check "Receive node follow-up notification e-mails" under the "Comment follow-up settings" section (note: you can also choose to receive notifications for comments to your comments).
- save

3. Displaying replies in non-threaded chronological order with a link to the comment you replied to.

In progress. We hope to make this user specific (you choose how you want the forums to appear)

4. Changing the "Save" button to "Post" so there's no confusion about how to publish a post.

In progress (unfortunately not a simple change)

5. Getting Search up and running.

Done on Over the Fence & Gatherings; In progress everywhere else. Please note it will take time for the Drupal search index to populate (this is especially true for large databases like Breaktime, which have millions of individual records).

In addition to the visible changes we are making, there is a lot of behind the scenes set-up going on with our hosting provider to fine-tune these sites to run at the high traffic levels Taunton can experience (we will have over 2 Million visitors on our sites this month).

If you have any requests, complaints, bugs, or questions about the forums, please respond as a comment to this post for now. Our producers and developers will be spending time with their families during the holidays and we will have a rotating crew who will be monitoring this thread and making the changes as they are able. Please continue to be patient with the process and have a happy holiday.

Jason Revzon
VP, Taunton Interactive

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Thank you for this (post #68527, reply #1 of 20)

Thank you for this update.
May I ask a few questions about the notifications feature you mention. What is a "node"--if you opt for this does that mean you'll be notified when anyone replies to a particular thread?
And where do these notifications go? To one's e-mail address? Or to the inbox here?
I opted in for this yesterday but haven't received any notifications in either place, but that might be because no one has replied to something, I suppose.

I hope that the staff working on this enjoys their time off during the holidays, glad to hear they are getting some.

I hope that after the start of the new year these updates will include some target deadlines--understanding that they may need to be extended if unforeseen problems are encountered or additional testing is needed--so I will know roughly when to expect to see improvements.

I also hope that your staff will pay a visit to our "lifeboat" site at Cooks Talk Classic to see firsthand how CT members use various functions to share ideas, tips and recipes. It could be a very useful way to audit what is currently missing from this platform.

Thank you again for the update.

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Thanks for the update. Here's (post #68527, reply #2 of 20)

Thanks for the update.
Here's another request of mine (that might have been lost or simply isn't considered important enough) - however I am sure I am not the only one reading the forum on a laptop computer: I really would appreciate having the line on top of the first post in a thread that lets me navigate back (Home › Forums › CooksTalk › Feedback on CooksTalk › Forum Transfer Status Update)appear on the bottom of the page as well.
Hope this can be done,

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."
Herm Albright

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Astrid, that is a good idea (post #68527, reply #3 of 20)

Astrid, that is a good idea and would be appreciated by those of us trying to use CT on our iPhones too.

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Kathy, We will be launching (post #68527, reply #7 of 20)

Kathy, We will be launching "themes" for touchscreen phones in next few months which will actually make the whole site, including the forums, optimized for iPhone, Droid, etc. You will still be able to switch back to the computer version of the site.

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That feature is generally (post #68527, reply #5 of 20)

That feature is generally referred to as "breadcrumbs" since it lets you trace your path from where you started to where you are. It can be tricky when there are multiple ways to get to a particular destination.

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible
JasonRevzon's picture

Astrid, we can get that on (post #68527, reply #8 of 20)

Astrid, we can get that on the list. As Steven notes, Breadcrumbs are complicated, but do aid in finding your way (hence the name)

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Sorry but the "new" feature (post #68527, reply #4 of 20)

Sorry but the "new" feature is not fixed. Phantoms still exist.

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MeanChef, Please post up an (post #68527, reply #9 of 20)


Please post up an example so we can track it down. Thanks.

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Jason, you are taken to the (post #68527, reply #10 of 20)

Jason, you are taken to the first new post, which in this case, is a comment made to your post. Then you have to scroll up to read the post. When the initial post itself is new, clicking should take you there, rather than to the first reply or comment.

StevenHB's picture

I don't know about MC, but I (post #68527, reply #11 of 20)

I don't know about MC, but I do not have the ability to post attachments to my comments.

I'm happy to email screen shots if you can provide an address to send them to (feel free to email me privately).

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible
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I don't either. No link at (post #68527, reply #12 of 20)

I don't either. No link at the bottom.

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This has been mentioned many (post #68527, reply #13 of 20)

This has been mentioned many times before. Start by going to "home", look at all of the discussions listed like:

Cooking Discussion 13075
266 new 248035 1 hour 50 min ago
by Madeleine
Feedback on CooksTalk 43
3 new 1181 53 min 10 sec ago
by Gretchen
Report a Bug 3 56 1 hour 55 min ago
by StevenHB
I'm Looking for a Recipe... 1884
4 new 30210 1 day 6 hours ago
by Gretchen
Tried & True Recipe Archive 252
1 new 1861 2 weeks 22 hours ago
by chiquiNO
Baking 2020
171 new 36509 21 hours 11

Most of the "#new" simply do not exist.

Also if you om to the list of discussions on the left side of each page, the listings omit many new messages, but include many messages which are not new.

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That's a nice update. (post #68527, reply #6 of 20)

That's a nice update. Thanks.

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible
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Jason, checking to be sure (post #68527, reply #14 of 20)

Jason, checking to be sure the box to search archived messages by the ID number will remain after the Google search is completed.

For posts copied/printed over the years, it’s the easiest way to locate the discussion again.

Thanks for the update.


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Jason, thank you for your (post #68527, reply #15 of 20)

Jason, thank you for your update.

Is FC going to ditch the orange/yellow color? I hope so, because it is very hard for my older eyes to read it. Most unpleasant and it is what keeps me away for days at a time. Hoping for black, or if you must do color, dark blue.

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You aren't kidding!! When I (post #68527, reply #16 of 20)

You aren't kidding!! When I go over to FWW and look at that nice "hard" concise-easy to read blue on white, I just am in heaven.

Gretchen's picture

You aren't kidding!! When I (post #68527, reply #17 of 20)

You aren't kidding!! When I go over to FWW and look at that nice "hard" concise-easy to read blue on white, I just am in heaven.

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I think that people here have (post #68527, reply #18 of 20)

I think that people here have been saying this in so many different ways, but the general idea is that we tend to want to see what is "new" to us instead of what is most recent. Sure they can often be the same, but it can make a huge difference for folks who are not here on a daily basis.

There should also be a way to wholesale clear "new" so that one can start again.

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Jason, a CTer asked me to (post #68527, reply #19 of 20)

Jason, a CTer asked me to post this to you, she's unable to use CT since the platform switch--she can't log in. Robin had tried to get it fixed but it hasn't been. So here is her message to you (her screen name is Biscuit:

Would someone mind please making a post to Jason in that thread "Forum Transfer Status Update" FROM me stating that I STILL cannot login or post or do anything other than lurk. When I TRY to login my e-mail and password are accepted (it seems) and I am sent to my Biscuit profile page, but that's it. I can't go any further and I'm not listed as logged in nor can I post.

It's been weeks. Can someone PLEASE fix it? It would be great, thanx.

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Could you please provide an (post #68527, reply #20 of 20)

Could you please provide an update on the color scheme? The orange has not become any more legible. Has any consideration been given to accessibility in this choice of colors?

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