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South Beach and Krispy Kreme

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They only time to stop at KK is when the nice little sign is all lit up, telling the world that they are hot.  The only ones to eat (quaranteed hot) are the plain "honey dips".  I go out of my way to stay away from the store when I know the light might be on!!  It definitely doesn't go with South Beach.   I boght the book several weeks ago, read it and have followed the diet fairly well for 4 weeks, although I've had some slipping in the last week.  I haven't weighed myself, but my clothes tell me I've lost some.  The diet is somewhat restricted for 2 weeks, but not overly so, and a number of the recipes are quite good.  The balsamic dressing, breakfast quiches, and roasted veggies were all good.  The thing I missed the most was fruit.  That's added in limited amounts in the 2nd two week period.  I was very surprised I didn't miss the breads, potatoes, rice, etc.  The diet was designed for cardiac patients to unclog arteries and the weight loss was a pleasant incidental.  It would appear to be a good lifetime diet and offers good variety.  A bigger plus, is that since DH is away for the summer, meal prep can be done in ten minutes with my Foreman grill.  I;m going to try and stick primarily with level 1 and some additions from 2 for as long as I can.  I need to lose the weight!  No Krispy Kremes for a whille!!!

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I'm a Dunkin' Donuts fan - If I'm interested in a foray into the donut world.  A lit Krispy Kreme sign wouldn't faze me.

There's another thread in the diet folder on South Beach - go take a look!  :)  Lots of feedback.

My problem with South Beach is that its causing havoc with my digestion.  I missed carbs so much the first weekend that I trembled.  Granted, carbs make up a whole lot more of my life than most - so I expected such a reaction.


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Hi there, did you finish the whole two week Detox?  We started Phase 2 today.

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