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An Oatmeal question...

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An Oatmeal question... (post #57112)


For a variety of health reasons (mostly high cholesterol)I am trying very hard to eat oatmeal every day. The problem is that I can only eat so much of the stuff before I get sick of it.
So the other day I tried mixing it in with my morning smoothy, that I make everyday and it came out very nice. Does anyone know if oatmeal looses its value if it gets processed through a blender? and does oatmeal need to be cooked for one to fully get the benefits of it? I tried making my smoothy with cooked oatmeal but that didn't work out as well as using uncooked whole oats. TIA

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I've used just the rolled oats, flax seed a little almond flavoring, soy milk and ice cubes in a morning smoothie and it's really good.  I don't have the cholesterol problems but my mother does and adds rolled oats to all of her smoothies.  I've used up to a cup, chewie but good.

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Thanks thats basically what I use will have to try the almond that sounds like a nice addition. Flax seed, Seasonal fruit, rolled oats , OJ and some yogurt. Very good and assuming that I am getting the benefits from the oatmeal, pulverized and uncooked, then I am very happy.

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Would you like a granola recipe? Mine is not too sweet and the fat content is way lower than store bought.

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I would love a granola recipe. Please!

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4 cups rolled oats (I use slow oats)

1 cup sunflower seeds

1 cup wheat germ *

1 cup coconut (I use unsweetened long )

1 cup bran **

1 cup raisins or craisins

1 cup organic dried apricots ***

1/2 cup sesame seeds

1/2 cup skim milk powder

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1 cup chopped mixed nuts

Mix dried ingredients, except fruit and milk powder, spread onto two jelly roll pans. Sprinkle fruit and cover with the milk powder. Heat the honey and oil together (they never completely mix) and pour equal amounts on top of mix on each tray. Toast in a 300 F oven until golden turning every 15 minutes.

* I use oat bran instead of the wheat germ to make this wheat free

** as with the wheat germ

*** I find that the apricots get almost too chewy so I add them only in the last 15 minutes

This recipe is very adaptable feel free to tweak where needed.

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I don't see how pulverizing the oatmeal would make it less nutritious. Do you ever eat your oats raw? (I know you drink them) Bircher Muesli


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Well that was my feeling, that pulverizing the oatmeal wouldn't hurt the nutrional value at all but before I spent 3 months eating it like that I figured I would check. I have a cholestoral test every 6 months and the next one is coming up in early Nov. That Muesli looks good I will have to try that. Thanks for the info.


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Just a couple of suggestions re the sick-of-oatmeal syndrome: There are many, many good whole-grain bread recipes that call for a couple of cups of oatmeal in the dough. Nutcakes posted Laurie Colwin's oatmeal bread recently, a recipe for two loaves, that has 1 cup of oatmeal per loaf plus a lot of wheat germ. Also, there are many nice bar cookie recipes that call for a combination of flour and oatmeal in the top and bottom crusts. I posted one for cranberry bars a few years ago, and Deanna posted fudge-nut oat bars (which I hope to bake tonight) lately.

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Those cranberry bars are the best!


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Glad you have fond memories of them.  I've been craving some myself lately and can hardly wait until the cranberry season begins. Right now, I've got about half a bag of frozen berries left over from last year--not enough for even a small batch of bars.

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That's one advantage of living north of the 49th - Canadian Thanksgiving is less than a month away, so we're starting to see stuff like fresh cranberries already.  But, I've still got a bunch of frozen c'berries, so I think I'll be making these tonight.


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overcooking causes oatmeal to lose all of its values, yuk!

use the raw in your smoothies and try the flavored kind also. I would also recommend grinding up some oatmeal very fine to use with your flour in items like pancakes, bread, etc

I have even used it with buckwheat to make crepes, has a great flavor.

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