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low carb with fibre?

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low carb with fibre? (post #57121)


I have a question on a low carb diet (just went to the doctor and he suggested a low carb diet). I'm currently eating all-bran buds in the morning for the fibre, which I need. If I'm supposed to be cutting down / out carbs, does that count as fibre? I'm not eating bread otherwise, but will have to make a concerted effort to reduce the other ones i.e. rice, potatos, pasta. But since I also had a phone "intervention" from best friend last night, it's time to try hard. Any suggestions on the fibre front would be appreciated.

thank you!


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I'd suggest as many low-carb vegetables as you can manage, such as green beans, spinach, broccoli, etc., and I believe most berries are acceptable and are high in fiber. It's possible that nowadays, you'd find high fiber-low-carb cereal, but I'm don't know much about processed cereals since we don't eat them.

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If you are cutting out wheat/barley etc.. you may just need to add psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid (think Metacucil or other such suspensions). I eat alot of the low carb vegetables and can't eat wheat/barley/legumes and drinking these suspensions made things er...more comfortable for me.

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GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread has no net carbs. As a matter of fact I have to be very careful with it or it is too much. I put some tuna on it. I have found it in a couple of stores but mostly I order it on line. I have been low carb for about 7 years so i am always on the lookout for crunchy things. There are a few other brans crackers that are not as low carb but this one has the fewest.

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thanks for the suggestions. I will try some of those - and I can't believe metamucil didn't cross my mind. At least I can mix that with water. I tend to have a bit of a juice fetish, which I suppose leads to a lot of extra sugar that I was not thinking about. That will take care of my cereal dependency in the morning... now if I could stop dreaming of pasta at least long enough to get me started on trying to eat better & exercise more...


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There is a low carb pasta on the market called Dreamfield's, and it seems to be in most markets. I know Amy, who's diabetic, has tried and liked it.

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I don't think it is all that low in carbs...

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My understanding is that it's not low in total carbs but is low in digestible ones. There's something in the stuff that keeps the absorbable carb count low.

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Michelle:  It is almost a year since you posted your low carb question.  How are you doing?  I have recently discovered a flatbread that you can use like a wrap.  It is really high in fibre so your net carbs are very low.  I also like to use Stevia to sweeten my tea (fresh ginger tea to which I am absolutely addicted) which gives me the sweet hit I crave without any carbs. 

Its a journey this eating healthy.  The great thing about a site like this is we can learn to eat healthy and tasty.  I must admit I still make bread as I just love it but I dump in flax and bran and chopped/roasted whole wheat kernels etc.  You can figure out most of the fibre/carb values from any nutritional book that lists them. 

Hope it has gone okay for you over the last year.  Scrubble4