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i made "Whip-n-Chill"! LOL

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i made "Whip-n-Chill"! LOL (post #57128)


threw together a belated birthday cake for a friend who has lost 30 lbs on Jenny Craig this spring. i wanted to do something pretty and traditional looking (decorative piped icing and i already have pastry bags and tips galore). for her to enjoy it though, it needed to be lo-cal. i figured an angel food cake frosted with some kind of stabilized whipped-cream or cool whip would be good. i googled 'stabilized whipped cream' and tweaked a recipe calling for gelatin dissolved in lemon juice as a stiffener. it worked beautifully! whipped up fluffy and sarted to firm up at room temperature. i slathered the cake and piped on lots of decorative details and a message. delivered the cake and later that night i ate a small bowl of leftover mixture for dessert. whoa-- i had a flashback to the 1960's when my mom used to buy a boxed dessert called "whip and chill". it's basically the exact same stuff; whipped cream, gelatin and lots and lots of air. it was so funny to remember that taste, that texture.
whether you remember that stuff or not and whether you liked it or not, i must say that it does do a good job at making a low fat confection that can look as fancy as one off limits to dieters. and for me, a visually beautiful piece of food is a big part of the enjoyment.

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