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Hamburger Meat

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Hamburger Meat (post #57156)


A very interesting article. I am not sure if it has been previously discussed here.


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Lots of folks here grind their own.

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I almost posted that when I first read it. It's truly gross and frightening and the reason I've ground my own for several years.

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There is no doubt that it is a horrific story. And there is no doubt that there is a need to get control of the meat industry. But in the context of the number of hamburgers sold/consumed, the statistics are pretty mind boggling.  The company did the "right thing" in recalling an immense amount of product.


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I agree that it is amazing that more people don't get sick. But I still can't get past the details of the article--ammonia treatments of what almost amounts to floor-scrapings, for example. I could hardly read the article. No more bulk hamburger meat for me.

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I saw the article earlier, and can't bring myself to read it. I grind my own, and use very little ground beef anyway.

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If you haven't read it, DON'T.

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Thanks for the advice; that was my plan, since I'm squeamish to begin with. ;-)

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BUT Costco comes off looking good, and has now gotten big suppliers to test in order to qualify for Costco ordering from them.


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That is why the cooking temp for all ground meat has been raised to 155 f for 15 seconds.


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Really good for making leather!!  If you go to a place that grinds its own, you can still get a nice rare burger.


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That's good to hear about Costco. I'd never in the world use enough ground beef to buy a Costco package. ;-)

Yikes, I spelled buy as by. Sad.

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It's chocolate deprivation, my dear.

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