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Food Inc

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Food Inc (post #57152)


We plan to go see the movie Food Inc. tomorrow. Has anyone seen it? I was told that after seeing this movie, I may not want to eat meat again.

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I have not seen it but I saw an ad for it and it looked like a good documentary from the ad. I'd love to hear your opinion of it after seeing it.

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We liked it. Thankfully, there were not many graphic scenes as I imagined. I have also read Michael Pollans books and was glad to see him in the documentary.

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I have seen it and thought it was well done and informative. It does address factory farming and I think the tag line, "you will never look at dinner the same way again" is well put, it does show some of the not so nice sides of our food system. My grandparents were farmers, so I grew up with the knowledge the chicken grandma had on the table was running in the yard not that long ago. I eat meat and am comfortable with it but focus more on quality vs. quantity.  

For me the more telling piece was the family who was torn between the cheap food at Burger King vs. what they had to pay for real food at the grocery store and the father's struggle with diabetes. They knew the fruits and veggies were better for their family but the fast food was cheaper in the short run. They could only financially look at the short run.



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I saw is good and well made.  For me, it was like preaching to the choir, as I have been a fan of Omnivore's Dilemma for some time and follow food related issues. But for the uninitiated it is probably a real eye-opener.

I don't think it will ever make it as a date movie, but it sure is educational for people who haven't followed the issues presented.

They are coming out with a book, also.  I'll be sure to read it as much more can be covered in a book as opposed to a movie.