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Atkins - new data

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Atkins - new data (post #57113)


An interesting article in the Economist. I hope big pharma starts producing this stuff soon.



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If big pharma starts producing it, I'll be in line to buy it.  Very interesting article.

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Very interesting.  After limiting carbs via South Beach for about 5? weeks now, DH and I were hungry for a Taco dinner which is 3 hard shell (or 2 soft) tacos, refried beans and red rice topped with some cheese (melted). I managed to eat about 1/2 of the food on my plate, DH ate about 2/3 before calling for a take-home box.  Before diet we would have happily snarfed it all down along with a couple of beers. Eating at home, we never realized how much less volume-wise we have been eating!  I'd try this stuff too, if it came on the market.

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