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Whatever happened to Michael?

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I was thinking about Seattlefest and wondered if he'd moved away or has he changed his name?

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Changed name to transona5.

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I wondered that. I looked at the picture but couldn't really tell. Plus, I forgot where Michael was living.

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Hey Glenys! Thanks for asking about me! I still drift in and out of here but don't post much anymore. Mostly spend my time driving between here and Ky. every few weeks because of probate stuff, and the cost of gasoline is killing me. I'm sitting in a Comfort Inn right now with what has to be the world's largest bed. I can't stay logged in for very long because I have to use dial-up down here in the boondocks and the closest number is still long distance. One of these days i'll make it to a Vancouver mini-fest. I hope you and Murray are doing fine. Cheers