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Vista d'Oro in MayÉ....

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Sensed a disturbance in the force today and looked up Vista's site...sure enough today was the farm gate shop opening.... but I see the tomato release in May, any takers.....


Side note... how do I turn off my accented  lower case and upper case E .....



"If 'tis to be,'twil be done by me."

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"If 'tis to be,'twil be done by me."

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s'okay now, I don't know what I hit....might be the Guinness?....


"If 'tis to be,'twil be done by me."

"If 'tis to be,'twil be done by me."

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<might be the Guinness?....>

eeerp...(ooops, pardon)

We were there today. Good fun. Lots of plants for sale, and they will have a lot of stock so don't feel left out.

Sandra will be back in a few days to pick up things. Our dear Glenys came back to the house to lick her wounds after being driven like a slave to cook for the guests there ;-)




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