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Toronto folks...

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It's been awhile since the last Toronto-fest, and I just realized that Summerlicious is on now. One of my favourite restaurants (Globe Bistro) has a $35 dinner menu that sounds SO GOOD, and they still have some reservations available.  I'm sure some other restaurants have spots open as well.  Anyone available before the 22nd?

Check out Globe Bistro at


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Depending on when you're planning, I'm in. I've been meaning to try Globe, and Summerlicious is always a good excuse. Next weekend is Taste of the Danforth, so we'll want to stay away then.

I think DJ was going to Montreal for a few days but I hope she'll chime in soon. Same with Fitzcindy, Mo, ehBeth, and others.

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Here I am :)  Finshed with a crappy week at work and now on holiday - yay!  Business in Mtl got cancelled, so I'm hanging around and up for a mini gathering.  I saw the Restaurant Makeover episode on Globe and would love to try it out.


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I thought I recognized the interior from Restaurant Makeover! Now I really want to go.