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South Bay Area CT get together

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How about lunch one day this summer? I will come down your way and will be happy to drive anyone from Oakland on.

Who's in?
What days are good?
Lunch? Early dinner?

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You know that I'm in. ;-)

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Hi Marie,
I know how much fun that would be but I don't think it is doable for me. At least not in the near future. I hated to miss the Chez Panisse lunch. It sounded like it was great. Don't forget about me and when my head is above water I'd love to plan something. The Oxbow Market hasn't really caught on yet but when it does that could be a fun place to connect. Karen could probably make that too.

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.  A.A. Milne

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.  A.A. Milne
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I'd love to do this (if anyone still remembers me)!


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Of course we do--what have you been up to?

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Working less, which is good news and bad news, I guess.  The end of the school year was hectic for the kids, but now Andrew has a summer job, so he's taken care of.  He got a job working at Kids Culinary Adventures in Belmont which he is loving.  He coached Amanda's soccer team this Spring, and he's really good with kids.  So, working with kids and cooking is a perfect combination for him.  Plus, he's a responsible and mature young man (at least the owner thinks so), and she really needed a male role model.  The woman who started the company is a single mom who was previously the dean at the Culinary Academy, so she's very experienced with mentoring.  He's learning so much - much more than his pals who are working at Jamba Juice, etc.  It kind of came together at the last minute, but it's been great for him.

Amanda is in a bunch of camps, including an ice cream camp this week at Andrew's work.  It's always interesting to have them together in situations where Andrew is the authority (cough, cough) figure.  So far so good, though.

Mark and I are going to Outstanding in the Field in Petaluma on 7/12.  Have you ever done that?  A friend of mine recommended it, and then she couldn't be at home when the tickets went on sale.  We ended up getting in and she didn't :-(.  We're looking forward to it, though it's probably more fun to do it with a group.  Maybe a bunch of us could try to do it sometime? We're going to be there for a couple of days, so we're going to Sonoma and Healdsburg for a couple of nice meals.

I saw that you all met up at Chez Panisse recently.  That must have been fun.  We were down in Orange County with my parents celebrating Andrew's birthday with some of his friends.  A fun weekend, but definitely a budget-buster with gas at $4.50/gallon.  It was probably $3.50/gallon when we agreed to do it back in March!

I'd love to get together some time soon.  I'm getting a hair cut on 7/11.  Any chance you are free for coffee around 10:00?

(Okay - this is a super-long e-mail that everyone is probably bored reading by now.)


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Sounds like all's well at your house. Great that the kids are learning to cook--and maybe very good that they are learning from someone other than Mom now that they are getting older. I hadn't heard of that school but I saw that they are going to have kids' cooking at the new SLT.

The 11th looks good!

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At Town & Country?

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I will make sure that Andrew passes that along.  Thanks for the heads up.

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I forgot to comment on Outstanding in the Field--I'm jealous! Let me know how it is, I'd love to get to one of these dinners sometime.

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We're looking forward to it.  We've never done anything like that before, so it should be an adventure.  I'll definitely report back.

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Where is your haircut? I'm off that day, would love to get together.

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In Palo Alto, but I have to be at work by 2:00 (leave PA at 1:30).  I could meet anyone who is available for lunch at noon somewhere near California Avenue if that works.  Otherwise, I was thinking of coffee before.  My appt. is at 11:15 right off California Avenue.

Hope we can work something out.


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I could get to Palo Alto by 10am. Just tell me when and where-I'll be there.

If anyone wants a ride down from Oakland, speak up!

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I'll try to keep most of the day free and I can join you for whatever arises.

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Terrific. Who else wants to come???

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I'm a maybe. I need to do some schedule re-arranging and see if I can get out of a meeting.

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Sheri, do you have any suggestions?
The wonderful cherries at Olson's will be over. There are interesting ethnic groceries as I said previously.
The Los Altos Farmer's Market is on Thursday, any others down there on Friday?
Marie is so spoiled having Berkeley right next door, our offerings pale in comparison.

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Ha. I live across the street from Olson's!

There's a market in downtown San Jose (San Pedro Square) on Fridays. There's also one in Cupertino at Vallco and I think one at Stanford too?

I wish we had a Berkeley Bowl here! :)

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My DH considers Olson's his second home during June!
I had no idea that Stanford has a farmers' market now but you are absolutely right--

Have you been to the Vallco market? I see it is from 9 until 1.

If it were a little later in the summer you could all come to my house and pick tomatoes and beans. Or last week you could have picked berries--we are between crops here.

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Some of this has been suggested already, but here's what I got from a post I put on  Not sure if we want to go all the way to San Jose or Milpitas...


If you are in the south bay, you should head over to San Jose's Japantown.

San Jose Tofu (go early, and you might be able to get the yummy fresh soy milk too)
175 Jackson Street

Shuei Do Manju Shop
217 E Jackson St.

There is a Nijiya Market across the street from Shuei Do.

In Mountain View:
The Milk Pail Market (
2585 California Street
Mountain View, CA, 94040

Dittmer's (
400 San Antonio Rd
Mountain View, CA 94040

I prefer the 99 Ranch Market in Milpitas, it's bigger and cleaner.

Here are some Friday markets, not sure how good the markets are though.

Cupertino Friday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Cupertino Square (formerly Vallco Fashion Park), Wolfe Road at 280,

Kaiser Santa Teresa Certified Farmers' Market Friday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM 280 International Blvd., San Jose

Friday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM San Pedro Square between Santa Clara St & John Street, San Jose


There are other branches of 99 Ranch, Lion, and Nijiya around the area.


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Oh, I love The Milk Pail. And San Jose Tofu is great.

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Wow, lots of resources! I agree, San Jose and Milpitas are too far.
We get San Jose tofu all the time--it is really good and it's so nice to see the family operation carried on. I've never tried their soy milk.
The Milk Pail isn't a favorite of mine for some reason. We used to get salmon smoked at Dittmers, before DH started getting seasick and gave up fishing.
DH goes to the Nijiya on El Camino frequently--they have all things Japanese.

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Here are some more :-)

I would choose the Nijiya in MV (vs. San Jose, which is kindof small) for more variety, and if you were going to get stuff for sushi, but honestly, if you want breadth, the Mitsuwa in San Jose makes more sense to go to, b/c it is bigger and it sometimes has "food fairs" in the summertime, where they feature a specialty food from a certain region in Japan. Those a really cool, though I never know when they are happening.

Then you can hop over next door to Clover bakery and get their macha an pan or shiro-an pan. :)

Then you can drive a few blocks down and eat lunch at Zeni (Ethiopian), while you're at it. :)

If you do decide to go to Nijiya in Mountain View instead of Mitsuwa, they have this really expensive tofu--from Kyoto, which imo makes the best tofu--I think it's called otoko-something. I think it's superior to San Jose tofu, but I'd be curious to know what you think, assuming you do tofu. It has a very short shelf-life, so it needs to be eaten soon.

There are all sorts of wonderful Indian grocery stores as well. The one I go to is probably not the best or largest (there are lots of them near Lawerence and El Camino in Santa Clara), but it is close to me, and close to that MV Nijiya-- off of El Camino, on the right side going south, in one of these strip malls in Sunnyvale. It's called Namatse, and it is my go-to place for fresh curry leaves.

Go to Grand Century Mall for anything Vietnamese you need. The entire mall is like a Vietnamese supply (clothes, food, etc.) place. Oh, and if you go, go to the food court and get their Ban Xeo (Vietnamese crepe). Good stuff. Also, if you go around the back somewhere (same mall), there is a bakery that sells Banh Mi for really cheap. I haven't actually had it, b/c I don't do cilantro or meat, but several of my friends like it for the taste and price, which was very reasonable.

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An endless source of infomation!

Is that Grand Century Mall the one in Milpitas? There are large areas over there that are totally Asian--you really think you have gone to another country.

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Interesting.  I don't know where that is, but I really don't relish schlepping all the way down there.  I'm happy with all the Indian options in Sunnyvale.  BTW, have you been to Purlescence in Sunnyvale?  It's a nice store.  I don't get there too often, except they had Malabrigo Chunky at 35% off a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't help myself :-)

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No, there's no need to go to Milpitas.

I've never been to Purlescence. I was on S. Murphy recently having a delicious lunch at Dish Dash, If I'd know about the place I'd have stopped in.

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Dish Dash???

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Dish Dash is a Middle Eastern restaurant with very good food.

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Yum :-)