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RuthWells, Marcia,Others in Philadelphia

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I'm going to be in Philadelphia from August 23--27.  I'm not free on the weekend (Aug.23-24) but would love to meet up sometime next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Is anyone available? Our DD is starting college at Penn, and we'll be in town to get her settled. Staying at a hotel in Center City, but I can meet you in another part of town.

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First of all, congratulations to DD, and I hope you aren't too nervous. Did you know that Ruth is a Penn alum as are my DH and DD? I surely hope that DD will be happy there. My daughter's years there were some of the happiest ever, and DH loved it, too.

We lived in North Jersey when DD started college, or she'd have never gone there. She wanted an "away" place, as well as large and urban, and that's what she got.

I'd love to see you, but things are kind of a mess at my house. We've had a flood. Look under the Grilling Beans thread on the Cooking Board (I know, I know) for some of the gory details. It depends on what's going on and the verdict of the plumber who should arrive early Friday morning, since there seems to be a slow secondary leak.

But who knows -- it might be possible.

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Thanks for your kind words and predictions, Marcia. Truthfully, I am nervous but that has to do with my desire to hold onto DD--and she's a little nervous, too, about leaving home, especially lately. I don't have any doubt that she'll love Penn, though. Like your DD, mine is a city girl and wanted a big, so I'm convinced she's made the right choice.

So sorry to hear your house is flooded (I missed the thread detailing it) and hope it gets dry soon. Maybe we can meet up on another visit. I foresee a lot of trips to Philadelphia in my future.

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Is DD going to be housed in the Quad? I'm sorry she's nervous. My DD was always unique (read strange, lol) and was not nervous in the least. She really found a home there, and very quickly.

Penn takes care of nervous freshmen and its undergrads very nicely, and I hope you and DD will find it so. When DH went, it was not the same, but they do make a big effort now, and I wish you both good fortune.

I'd love to meet you sometime when things are calmer.

Why don't you e-mail Ruth? She's busy and has probably not seen your message since it wasn't addressed to her. She's a wealth of information about the current dining scene and even if she can't see you, she'll be able to provide some excellent suggestions for you and DD.

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DD is living in Hill House--not on the quads but nearby, we're told. It's supposed to have a very nice dining hall, good food, and bonding between the students who live there since they usually eat together. I hope this is all true. Penn really has made an effort so far to be warm and welcoming, and DD has good social skills (except with her parents, LOL), so we expect good things. 

Again, I'm so sorry to hear about your leak and the resulting allergy problems. Take good care of yourself. Hopefully, we'll be able to meet some other time.

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I like your disclaimer about DD's social skills. LOL

Yes, DD should be fine at Hill House. How far away are you, BTW? I see nothing in your profile.

Someday, things will calm down, and I'd love to meet you.

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We're in Los Angeles--so about as far away from Penn as possible in the continental US.

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Well, no question that DD chose an "away" place. I must say that is an advantage in some ways. We were within driving distance, and DD took everything in the world with her -- yours won't have that option, and I think it a good thing.

Yes, do heed Ruth's advice -- you are no stranger to urban campuses, either, and LA is urban in a different sort of way, so you aren't virgins to the scene. DD spent a lot of time in NYC during her high school years and before, so she was used to cities, too.

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Congrats to your daughter! May she have a wonderful Penn experience. It's a great school and a lovely campus, but please stress to her to always remember that she's in a city and security precautions must be taken, even on the bucolic campus. The kids tend to get too relaxed, I think, and there really is a fair bit of crime in the area -- not so much right on campus, but within blocks of it.

I'd love to get together, but am facing some unexpected hurdles -- my FIL was hospitalized last night and my dad just got some very worrisome test results. So, I may have my hands much too full, unfortunately. But email me (rwellsfischer at hotmail dot com) and we'll shoot for spontaneity.

Meanwhile, let me know if you want any restaurant recommendations. Where in Center City are you staying?

Ruth Wells

"Gardening is the only unquestionably useful job."
 - G.B. Shaw

Ruth Wells

"Gardening is the only unquestionably useful job."
 - G.B. Shaw

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Ruth, I'm very sorry to hear about the health concerns in your family. Just take care of your loved ones. We can arrange a meeting some other time.

Your advice about how to handle campus life at Penn is very wise. I went to law school at the University of Chicago--a similar lovely campus in a high crime urban setting--and have talked DD's ear off about the precautions that must be taken to remain safe. One thing that's comforting to me is the Penn administration is proactive. There are university buses, escort services, security cameras, and every type of precaution imaginable which will certainly make it easier to stay safe if students just pay minimal attention.

Unfortunately, I can't recall the name of our hotel in Philadelphia right now. DH made the reservation. But I will look it up when I get home tonight.