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Remington Park

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Sally and Phil came to the track with us last night. We had a great time, even though a whopping $10 was lost to wagering. I think of all the guests we've taken over the years, Sally was the most enthusiastic, even though her "intestinal" feelings about which horse would win proved inaccurate.

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What kind of racing?  My dad used to take us to the trotting races at our fair every year. I LOVED it, and would choose based on the "prettiest horse". That does not work well, but to a 6 year old, it didn't matter.


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Thoroughbreds, flat racing.

No trotters in Oklahoma.

Many people take their kids to the track. Parking and admission is free, concession food abounds, screaming is not only allowed but the adults do it too!

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Very unfair turn of events that was.

See, folks - as we (me) adjusted to the environment, learned a little bit of the trivia about horse racing, Phil announced he was going to put the "winnings of his golf game" on a bet. That was the impressive amount of 7 dollars.

I stayed with Cindy and her wonderful husband Joe - they asked me if I knew which horse Phil was going to bet on. I looked at the list, and said "If I know my husband, he will bet on a prime number horse, and I bet it will be number 7"

(it turns out 7 is a very special number, his favorite, and he happened to be my seventh boyfriend, so I used to call him "number 7")

Very happy with my profound insight, he comes back and they ask - which horse?

Five dollars on NUMBER TWELVE.


You know those shows on TV that newly weds have to answer questions in separate rooms and see how they get them right? WHen they disagree you can see the wife fuming... well, it wasn't as bad, but I could not help but say "IT IS NOT EVEN A PRIME NUMBER!!!!!"

guess what? Number seven won.

Since I was so "hot" in my betting, on the second to last race my arm was twisted (still hurts) and I bet 2 bucks, on horse number 12, with the gorgeous name "Miss Trick Hat" or something along those lines (you guys would not believe how creative people are naming the horses) - Cindy and Phil added 3 bucks to "my" horse.

It arrived last.

Great evening, we had a lot of fun, but my intestinal feelings did not pay big bucks. Maybe next time



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