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OK in another thread NC is mentioned as

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a possible REPEAT fest. Could be Charlotte. Mean is coming from ATlanta so it is a bit "mid way". Our Canadian mentor from last year, GeoffChef, finked out on us and went to Las Vegas. We had counted on him bringing us together again. So much for "loyalty".  (We DO sort of forgive you, but not unless you come back--GEEZ, you have a FREE place to stay in the CRADLE of GOLFERY in Southern Pines!!)

Anyway, we COULD come to Charlotte. I can work on some stuff about that, and we could do some fun stuff.

We COULD go to Charleston--nothing EVER wrong with that.

We COULD go to Raleigh. There could be "something" wrong with that!!

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We COULD go to Southern Pines, but probably not unless we have our Canadian golfer with us.  I'm up for anything, but I vote for Charlotte.

BTW, snowing there yet?

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I started a new thread in the "fest" thread. I'm good for SP too, for sure.