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Mini fest being planned for north Dallas

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There is a mini-fest being planned for north Dallas. Four CTers so far. A demo class with Peter Reinhart at the Plano Central Market on Jan 31st has been the impetus. We are also considering a hands-on Moroccan class on 1/29. For more info on the cooking classes see,

All are invited. Of course, it is not necessary to take a class to be part of the fun. We will also be outlet mall shopping, maybe visiting downtown Grapevine, eating in restaurants, eating in our hotel room, and I bet a glass of wine or two will consumed.

Who's interested?

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You know I'll be there! (post #68256, reply #1 of 3)

You know I'll be there! Never miss a fest, at least not when I can help it.

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Finally, I managed to post (post #68256, reply #2 of 3)

Finally, I managed to post here again...

my connections have been horrible today

Anyway, I will be taking a class with Peter Reinhart on January 31st - Plano, TX

probably will be able to arrive there for lunch with whoever is available, then class goes from 1 to 3"30hs, I drive back home as soon as it's finished

would love to meet anyone available to show up!

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Posting just to bring this (post #68256, reply #3 of 3)

Posting just to bring this thread to the top (well, left).
Hope others will join us!