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MeanieFest Saturday Report

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I know you all you Festers just got started (SEA time), but I want to know:
--did everyone arrive safely?
--has dinner proved all Mean promised it would be?
--how much has MadMom bought?  Did she get anything for us?
--how does Mean look in pink capris?

My imagination is running wild...

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Hi Mulch - we've been feasting since Thursday actually. Our Saturday reporter went home for a nap. No doubt you will hear from him soon...after he has decided which Thai restaurant we will be eating at tonight.

Dinner last night was fabulous. 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm - every course wonderful.

We have just returned from shopping with Madmom so we are all in recovery mode.

More later. I know, I keep saying that, but we haven't discussed yet what details to censor.

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Uhm, in the words of Mean "censorship is bad"!!  ;-)


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LOL!  Too true!

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