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LA folks, suggest adventure?

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Hi in case anyone is around to see this. I'm in Claremont and have a few hours today with a car. I was trying to think of an outing but I have to be back by 3PM, so all the way across LA may not be the best choice, though I'm game. If I can't think of anything I will go to Pasadena, as it is not that far, but something more exotic may be funner. Or I will go another day, but today I'm on my own.

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Well I got sidetracked but will go out tomorrow. Did you SGV/Inland Empire folks know that Gioia is right here? I think I will drive over to the factory and puck up a ball of burrata tomorrow. Supposedly it is $5 a ball which is fantastic. They also do fresh ricotta and marscapone.

For those who don't know, Burrata is like a very fresh mozzarella, really incredible with a short shelf life. This is the only guy in the US who makes it. He is from Italy


1605 Potrero Av, S. El Monte 626-444-6015

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If you like antiques and junking, a foray into Pomona proper is always fun.  And you can stop at my favorite Thai restaurant -- Sanamluang Cafe.

In Pasadena there is, of course, the gardens.  And its Friday, so the flea market may be going at the Rose Bowl.  I'm trying to think of the name of that Afghani hamburger place in Pasadena, but it entirely escapes me.

And I think there's an exhibit of middle eastern books from the mid ages at the Getty right now.  I'm a sucker for beautifully illuminated books.

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Thanks for the ideas. I've already been to Sanamluang a couple nights ago. That is my favorite Thai place ever. I used to go all the time when my daughter went to school here. I also had a tostada at Juanita's which is kitty corner, a walk up to the window shack. It was very good.

I guess I don't know where Pomona proper is exactly, but I went to the open house night at the galleries once, so that must be it? I will check it out.