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Invite to an SF Bay Area Field Trip

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Attention Bay Area food and field trip lovers! I would love to get a group together to go to the Berkeley Bowl. I have never been, and looked it up on the internet last time we thought about going, and it looks great. Anyone want to join me?

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There are not too many Bay Area cter's left, Mangia. Email heading your way.

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Do let me know when you plan to go, if I can get away I'd like to go. We start the next construction project Monday, have a couple work trips and a trip back to the tundra. I went to Berkeley Bowl on a lark after reading about it..I think I was there a half hour before I shut my mouth and I'm sure didn't see all that there was to see. The produce variety was amazing--5 kinds of eggplant, 5 kinds of radish. I would plan better for the next trip.

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Great, karen! I'm going to ask my sister if she'd like to go too. Anyone you think may be interested, please do ask. We'll figure out a date that fits our schedules. I'd love to know how you would be better prepared this time. Bring a big car and park close? Bring a wagon? Go early? let's talk some more! Looking forward to it!