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Fest (post #56902)

Just read 172 threads re fest and would like to ask you:where is the Mennonite store? When I become more acquainted with this site(and my first computer experience)I would love to join you on these adventures.

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It's on Donlands just south of O'Connor.

They have a website - and you can place orders every other week.  For the weeks in between, they usually have a good selection in the store, but there's no guarantee you'll find everything you want :)

We'd love to have you at the next fest!

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A Fest is where two or more CTers get together, usually for food related activity and report on events, usually there's a bit of planning, others are more spontaneous.

Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

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Thank you so much.The fest  does interest me.I like to discover new and interesting info re food,and I'm sure I'll join a fest in the future.I'm just getting familiarized with the site as well as a computer right now.

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Fests are lots of fun and you make new friends, too. Hard to beat that combo. Cook's Talk people have to be one of the friendliest bunches in the world.

Hang in there with the computer. Email, chats and web-surfing are only a few fun aspects.

The big thing, though, is what my wife calls the P-word, PRACTICE. Keep at it, even when you'd like to hit the machine with a sledge-hammer. When you feel (and you will) like the machine is just totally frustrating you, ask yourself "Could I have even HAD this problem 3 (or 6) months ago?" The answer will undoubtedly be "No, I wouldn't have known enough then." That's a sign that you ARE making progress in spite of how you may feel at the moment.


Dave Fritz

Cheers, Dave Fritz

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Hi Dave

Haven't been on this site very long(as you cansee)but I do agree ...they are a friendly bunch!

Agree with your wife also."P" helps.But sledge hammer is putting it mildly!It bothers me that I know it offers more,and it's taking me so long to access,and I make so many mistakes based on my lack of knowledge.I figure it will come eventually.

Thanks for the encouragement,kind person

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Hi Dave - I was in Kingston a couple of weeks ago, and discovered that a number of the products available at Fresh From the Farm are also carried at Producetown in Kingston (next to Red Lobster). I love that store - wonderful spices and just a great range of produce and products.

If you can't play a sport, be one.
If you can't play a sport, be one.