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Drum Roll Please, Vancouver Fest Grou...

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This picture was taken with one of those throw away cameras. Seems clearer on the picture itself, am going to try to enlarge it a bit, cross your fingers, hope it works. Guess I'll have to work on it some more.

Left side: Messy Cook, Wolvie, Aussie, MC and Tracey K
Right side: Glenys, cam14, MadMom, Peter and Sandra

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Oh, crap, I can barely see
i those people
sitting near/in the back. I'm straining my aged eyes trying to make out Glenys and Tracey. Dang.

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Glenys is in the front, on the right side.

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Very cool CAM

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Tracy is hidding behind the Caparoo...
I don't know where Dang is.

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Glad you all had a great time. I can finally see Mean. I think he looks like Jasper.

Good to see MadMom made it back too. Go feed your hubby MadMom.


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Thanks for posting, cam!

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Yay! Thank you, Cam! Can't wait to see the improved version. Looks like a beautiful restaurant.

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Restaurant? Who notices a restaurant with that beautiful crowd! Well, the ones I can see... = ]

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cam - Thanks so much for posting. Cannot believe I didn't bring my camera to lunch, and the pics taken with Peter's camera were way too dark, so it's good to see that at least one person got good shots...well, not good of me, but...

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That's much better, thanks. Glenys I thought your hair was dark! LOL

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Thanks, Cam. That is better. I can't believe I ever thought Messy was a guy. A less likely candidate for guy-hood I have never seen!!!!

Glenys, don't think you should be searching for plastic surgeons quite yet. Not necessary.

And you, Ms. Cam14 - you need to take a longer look in the mirror! Lovely.

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Maybe not but I do have to visit the skilled woman who knows better when she cuts my hair and apologize prior to a good reworking.

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What a beautiful crowd!
I have been reading (getting my fix) every morning, I just couldn't wait to see some pictures.
Only MC looks like I thought he would, I already knew
Cam14, lovely and elegant.
You guys all look terrfic nobody needs any plastic surgery for God's sake!
I wish I could have been there!! Maybe next time.


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If I'd sat down at that table, there would have been no room for anyone esle.

b : )