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Dinner with Paretsky and family

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Got together at the local Japanese place tonight with Paretsky and his adorable family. Paretsky and Mrs. Paretsky each had a sashimi assortment of some kind--the "bit o' everything" plate, I believe. SuperD had the kids' assortment of teriyaki, tempura and rice. I had my customary seafood salad--this place makes a KILLER dressing and stacks the scallops and crabmeat on a splash of rice vinegar, then they build from there. Gillen had an endless chicken teriyaki dinner (rice, miso soup, a "side" of tempura vegetables and shrimp) and my Mother also had the seafood salad. We were all very restrained and stayed out of the plum wine! SuperD just gets cuter and cuter and Paretsky and Mrs. P. are charming, funny and delightful to talk to. Photos coming (I'm still a dinosaur, so will actually have to get FILM developed first).

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