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Chapel Hill Mini Fest

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Chapel Hill Mini Fest (post #56895)

Met Wolvie and Heather in Chapel Hill at A Southern Season for a mini-fest/lunch.  Of course, I had met Wolvie many times before, but it was a first time for meeting Heather, and I thoroughly enjoyed her.  She has a precious husband, who was invited to join us, but I think he took one look at Wolvie and me and decided that he would be decidedly outnumbered, so he dropped Heather off, after taking a couple of pictures of us, one with their camera, and one with mine.  We had a wonderful lunch, then did some shopping.  As usual, I gave out before too long, so bid them farewell and drove back home.  Here is the picture taken with my camera (L-R, Wolvie, Heather, and fat MadMom):

Not One More Day!
Not One More Dime! Not One More Life! Not One More Lie!

End the Occupation of Iraq -- Bring the Troops Home Now!

And Take Care of Them When They Get Here!

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Glad you all had a good time and sorry I couldn't get there this time. Heather, we'll count on a return engagement.


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Gretchen, we'll definitely be back!  See you then.

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Sounds like fun! NC is a long way for Heather so feed her well!

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.  A.A. Milne
One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.  A.A. Milne
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Yes indeed, it was a fun lunch.  We continued to shop after you left and I found a baking stone and bowl for DS so he can make the Artisan bread.  Southern Season is an amazing place--I've never seen so many sauces and condiments and pots and dishes in one shop!  Thanks to you and Wolvie for introducing me to the place.

We've had a wonderful time in Chapel Hill, what a beautiful little town.  It's about the greenest place I've ever seen and I'm from the Pacific Northwest, Green Central.

Lots of good restaurants here--Weathervane, Lantern, Sandwhich, Crook's Corner, Lime & Basil were all delicious.  Was it you or Gretchen who recommended Crook's Corner and the Shrimp & Grits?  Terrific!

We'll be on the road tomorrow, not sure when I can check in again.

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Welcome to the East Coast Heather! I wish I could have made the drive up to welcome you in person, but with work etc, I couldn't make the drive. It really would have been fun to see you again.

I just love Chapel Hill and Durham. Have a wonderful time.

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I would love to see you again--now you'll have to come to California because we are home again. We left Charlotte airport in rain this afternoon and arrived here to a heat wave--91 yesterday and 98 today. Whew!

We had a marvelous time on our quick loop through N. and S. Carolina. We had some surprises but mostly it was a great trip with lovely scenery and good food.

We could have done without tornadoes in Charleston and 250,000 bikers in the Myrtle Beach area though. Who knew it was Biker Week?

And I finally had grits and I have to say that there are grits, and then there are grits. My first taste was at Crook's Corners and they were wonderful. However, my husband was served some at Middleton Place that were gosh awful.

More later--it's almost 3am EST and I've got to get to bed.

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You should have asked about Biker week. Could've tolja. You were lucky it was Harley week. Did you stay in MB?  A bit further south you get away from them--Litchfield would have been lovely.


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You should have asked about Biker week

How would she of known to ask?  I often wonder how I would react if I had booked a family vacation for down here (Central FL) only to find it was Bike Week, or gay days or whatever.   A large concentration of a group of people that I have nothing in common with.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Well how could I ask about something I've never heard of or can even believe after seeing it! LOL! It was like the descent of the locusts! Why are we lucky it was Harley Week? I don't see how it could be worse, they are the noisiest bikes around.

We weren't planning to be on that part of the coast at all. The plan was to see Savannah and come back to CH inland. But the weather was so bad in Charleston and Savannah that we thought we'd mosey up the coast. We just kept driving until the bikes thinned out at the very north end of MB. We stayed at the Marriott at Grande Dunes, had a room overlooking the ocean and it was lovely. The roar of the breakers drowned out the occasional bike noise. I'm always a happy girl when I can see the ocean.

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Of course, since it wasn't planned. But if you had mentioned even the possibility of going near MB I would have mentioned it. And I would have told you not to go to MB in the first place. I do hate it so.

Lucky it was Harley? Because next week is Black Biker Week (caps intended because that is the name of it) and there are 200,000 black bikers in Atlantic/MB area. It is truly awful with a lot of public "stuff" going on. The Harley riders can be sort of interesting and pleasant. We don't seek them out but some do come down to eat in the restaurants around Pawley's.

Did you buy any grits to take home. Sorry about Middleton's, but that is our favorite plantation. Haven't ever eaten there, and might not have known you could.  Tell your son to look for Lakeside grits at BiLo--they are pretty good. Not as good as our Adluh, but available in a store.


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I have to agree that the majority of MB is pretty grim--miles and miles of T-shirt shops, surf shops with huge shark mouth entrances, fast food, Hooter's, etc. The hotel was north of all that. We also stopped at Huntington State Beach and were surprised to find the ruined fortress of a house that Collis Huntington's son built.

I didn't buy any grits to take home. Middleton Place was very interesting, except for the lunch. They have a restaurant near the house now that serves a 3 course lunch--all the food was pretty bad. We should know better than to eat anywhere where we are a captive audience, but the timing was right for us and we had no idea where else to go in the area. We did get to watch sunning crocodiles while we ate so that was a bonus. Oh, did you hear that the famous Middleton Oak had two huge limbs fall off a couple of weeks ago so it is no longer the largest live oak in North America nor the site of weddings. Such a shame.

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I don't think it is really "ruined". It can be rented for events apparently. DD went through it one time and was really interested in its floor plan. Apparently VERY compartmentalized, no hallways, small rooms.

It's too bad you didn't go across the road to Brookgreen Gardens. It is just stunning. All the wife's sculptures are in the gardens and buildings. Just a wonderful tour.  The Park is a nice area. The beach is a sheller's delight, as opposed to most of the rest of the SC coast (not good shelling).

I can't call the names of the Huntingtons at the moment but they lived there half the year. It is truly a wonderful buffer for Litchfield since that will never be developed from the north.

The original Litchfield planation house is just south of there in Pawley's Island also.  The house is a B&B--drive up a lane of oaks to this traditional Low Country plantation home. Just gorgeous.

The "north" part where you stayed is where DH's family and many of the townspeople of his home town had beach houses from the 40's and 50's. It used to be called Ocean Drive--the home of the shag and beach music!!  The name was changed to North Myrtle Beach about 25-30  years ago.  We haven't been up that way since then to see what I know has happened!!

And just north of that over the NC line is Calabash which used to be the best seafood on the coast, but that is Murrell's Inlet now.


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We peeked in a few of the windows and I can guarantee that the bathrooms, at least, are ruined. The tours weren't available when we were there, the sign didn't say why.

I can see that we'll have to get back to N and S Carolina--so much to see. DS will be there a while longer so it may happen. We got the overview this time.

I have to say that I was very surprised at Asheville. I somehow had a vision of a lovely, charming town in a green valley between all the hills in the area. Not quite.

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It has mushroomed in recent years, but the little downtown district with craft shops and all is cute. There are other cute little towns in the mountains that are still that.