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The Biscuit family in California

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After 10 years, I have finally met our one and only Biscuit. She and Greg and Max flew into LAX and, on their drive up the coast, arranged to stop by to lunch. It's always pretty exciting to meet a fellow CTer, and Biscuit is one person I've always wanted to meet in person.

For those who don't know, Biscuit is a dynamo, a red-haired source of energy, even after a 4 hour flight. Her hubby is a quiet and reserved, the very model of Mid-Western sociability. And Max . . . well, we all know Max. He's very loquacious and as precocious as he sounds from Biscuit's postings. Very adventuresome, too. Not many 5 year olds would willingly order octopus sushi for lunch and gamely go at it, even if it did seem like "eating rubber bands."

I was, alas, short on time as I had to pick up Berenger from school, but we managed a very nice sushi lunch in Santa Monica. Again, it is pleasantly strange to meet a person you've never met but who already knows so much about you just because of CT.

So Biscuit, I had a wonderful time with your family. I only wish we could have lunched longer! Have a great vacation out here, and let us know what you and KW and Jillsifer will be up to.

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Did she let you say anything? LOL