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Bay Area folks - Calafia is open!

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Calafia (Charlie Ayers' new restaurant) officially opened yesterday in Town & Country in Palo Alto. We went for dinner tonight and everything was delicious. Simple, trending towards comfort food. Lots of Asian accents, though.

The three of us split the spinach and fennel and beet carpaccio salads - both were really nice. The guys had the turkey meatloaf, which was my least favorite item. Too dense. But the gingered yams and the chard were both excellent. I had the tofu and lentil loaf and really liked it.

We all had dessert, too. I am a tapioca nut, but be warned, it's more like a thick chocolate pudding than your classic tapioca. Still, really good. Death by Chocolate and the lemon tart were also really good.

Prices are reasonable, and there's a good selection of beer and wine, with an effort to keep things local.

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Thanks for the review, Sheri. We'll try it soon. Where is it located in T&C?

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On the front side along Embarcadero, facing the high school.

It would be a great get-together spot but I hate to suggest it because I can never seem to get away from prison, I mean work, at lunchtime.

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If you have a light day coming up (does that every happen?), email me.

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I'd love that. I've had no downtime in the past 6 months. It's sorely needed.

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Great--let's do it!

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I just realized that I didn't get back to you with the response to my email to Charlie Ayers about the $3 tea bag. Here's his less-than-satisfying email--

>>>I really appreciate your feedback, its very important to me that I hear what my guests have to say about their experience at Calafia and what they think.
Some of the very many important elements of what makes Calafia so special is the fact that we go to great lengths to offer you the finest in organic and fair trade ingredients in our food and beverage offerings.
While I know you feel that three additional dollars is steep for an additional teabag, we work very hard at making sure we are able to offer outstanding organic ingredients at a reasonable price and pass it along to our guests.
I'm sorry the price associated with your second tea bag seemed unreasonable.
I don't want this to cast a negative shadow on Calafia.
We truly do appreciate your patronage and look forward to making you happy down the road.
Respectfully yours<<<<

Marie is coming on Monday for a Penzey's run, any chance you could join us?

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Sigh, you are right about less than satisfying.

I would love to join you on Monday - I've got to try to move a couple of things around so I'm a maybe. I heard JZ Cool Eatery in downtown Menlo Park closed, did you hear the same?

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Yes, she is moving the whole operation so she can have her catering and a restaurant in the same place. She was offered the restaurant at Allied Arts last year but they wouldn't let her cater from there so she turned it down.

I hope you can make it work on Monday. I'll let you know our plans when we know what we are doing.