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Bay Area Cooking Class

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  Of course any out of towners that want to make the trip, as well...While we were at lunch the other day, the idea was tossed out to do a cooking class.  I was reminded again last night reading the new Saveur and she is part of Janet Fletcher's article on ricotta.  Rosetta and her mom were the one option talked about.  We could try to all get into one of her classes at Paulding Kitchen or Ramekins OR I would be happy to contact her to see what would be involved in getting a private class setup at one of those places and I think Mike at Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley also does private things.
  We're polling interest here.  Are you interested?  Do you want to do rustic Italian or something else?  Is there a day of the week/evening of the week that is better than another?  A month that is better than another?  
   Andy from Andy's Orchards in Morgan Hill is also part of that issue.  I'm not sure how much to coincide with slow food event. 

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I'd love to be in on this. Thanks for researching!

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There was one at the end of September that was about making pizza that sounded good.

Also, there is another one in December about the traditional Italian Christmas Eve seafood feast-it was on a Friday night ealier in the month. That one was kind of pricy due to all the seafood, and of course that's always a tough time w/ other hoiday parties, but I think it would be a great chance to learn about some new ways to cook seafood.

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Here's the link to Paulding's classes:

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I don't know why I was thinking pizza-it is TOMATOES!

A Tomato Dinner from my Garden

October 3, 2008; 6:30pm – 10:00pm

In this Tomato Dinner class, we will prepare a menu using the three varieties of
tomatoes grown in my garden (sweet cherry, San
Marzano, and Early Girl). You will taste them freshly sliced on top of friselle(driedhomemade bread rusks).

Next, we will prepare a wonderful homemade pasta dish with San Marzano tomatoes, followed by pork cutlets smothered with a quick tomato sauce flavored with oregano, and a wonderful salad of fresh tomatoes and sweet
Calabrian red onions. We will finish with a rustic tart filled with homemade green tomato jam.

Homemade friselle con pomodori
(Homemade friselle topped with fresh cherry
tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil)

Cavatelli con Pomodori Gratinati al Forno
(Homemade pasta tossed with San Marzano
roasted tomatoes topped with breadcrumbs,
pecorino, garlic and parsley)

Carne alla Pizzaiola
(Pork cutlets smothered in a quick tomato sauce
with oregano)

Insalata di Pomodori e Cipolle Calabrese
(Calabrian-Style Tomato and Red Onion Salad)

Crostata di pomodori Verdi
(Sweet tart with homemade green tomato jam)

To register for this class, click on the link below:

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This one is $125, I'm guessing due to all the seafood you get to eat...

Christmas Eve in Calabria with Rosetta Costantino

December 5, 2008; 6:30pm – 10:00pm

In many countries and cultures, Christmas
Eve is a special celebration with special
food. A typical Calabrian Christmas Eve
dinner is always based on seafood, and
tradition requires that a total of 13 dishes
must be served.

We will enjoy a Seafood Extravaganza, to
be followed by an assortment of typical
Christmas desserts. We will prepare some
of the dishes in class, and others will be
made ahead, but you will receive recipes
and lore for all the dishes on the menu.

We will start with assorted appetizers that
will include grispelle, yeasted fried dough
stuffed with salted anchovies, bottarga from
Pizzo, a wonderful delicacy (tuna roe
preserved with salt) that I brought back
from Calabria, homemade preserved olives
and stuffed mussels. We will follow with
subsequent courses of pasta with fresh
clams, swordfish braised in a tomato, olives
and caper sauce, a cauliflower salad and a
salad of escarole.

Our dessert buffet will include cicirata, little
pieces of dough fried and coated with
honey, cannariculi, or turdiddi, which are
made from the same type of dough but
shaped like gnocchi, the classic mostaccioli
with almonds and chocolate and my favorite
Semifreddo where I have incorporate the
traditional Torrone candy eaten at
Christmas time.

No dessert buffet would be complete
without the traditional dessert of Calabria,
dried figs stuffed with almonds and coated
with chocolate.

Buon Natale!

Olive Verdi schiacciate
(Homemade cracked green olives marinated with garlic,
wild fennel seeds and peperoncino)

Grispelle con Acciughe
(Yeasted dough fried with anchovies)

Tartine con Bottarga di Pizzo
(Toasted bread topped with bottarga)

Cozze Gratinate
(Mussels stuffed with breadcrumbs mixture)

Spaghetti con Vongole
(Spaghetti with clams, garlic and parsley)

Pesce Spada alla Ghiotta
(Swordifsh in a tomato, onion, capers and olive sauce)

Insalata di Cavolfiore
(Cauliflower salad)

Insalata di Scarola
(Green salad of escarole)

(Deep fried dough coated with honey)

(Deep fried dough shaped like gnocchi)

Mostaccioli con Mandorle
(Honey cookies filled with almonds, chocolate,cocoa
and anisette)

Fichi al cioccolato
(Figs stuffed with almonds and coated with chocolate)

To register for this class, click on the link below:

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There is a pizza one after all..

A Night in a Neapolitan Pizzeria
September 26, 6:30 pm

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how
to bake crisp, thin-crust pizzas as
they do in Naples, this is the class
to take. We will knead the dough,
go through the process of allowing
the dough to rise twice, and then
top and bake them. There will be
extra dough for you to take home
to bake your own pizza the next
day, too. We will bake a variety of
my favorite Italian pizzas, starting
with the classic tomato and
mozzarella - Pizza Margherita.
Then you can make some of those
mentioned in the menu or use your
imagination to create your own
favorite from among the various
toppings. We'll finish off with a
sweet pizza topped with
homemade fresh ricotta cream
and seasonal fruit.

Classic Pizza Margherita
(Tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil)

Pizza al Crudo
(Cherry tomatoes, Prosciutto, Arugula, shaved parmigiano)

Pizza Calabrese
(Peppers, onions and Calabrian sausage)

Pizza con Patate
(Sliced Roasted potatoes with rosemary, onions, fontina, gorgonzola)

Pizza Mediterranea
(Tomato sauce, grilled eggplants, goat cheese, mozzarella, prosciutto)

Pizza Dolce
(Dessert pizza topped with fresh ricotta cream, shaved almonds and fruit)

Enroll in September 26 class.

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 They're all good to me.  I don't know if you happen to get or see Saveur, but Janet Fletcher went to Calabria with Rosetta and did an article ricotta.  There's also a good little article about  Andy's orchard's plums.
  Ann would like us to decide and she'll come if she can.  She's off to spend some time with her mom. 

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Me me me! But my rest of the year is looking busy so it will depend on when you do it and where. I'll keep my eye on the thread!

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Sheri, it would be GREAT if you could do it. I don't want to drive to Emeryville by myself at night--we could carpool.

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Sounds great. I don't want everyone to try to work around my crazy schedule so I'll just wait and see how it plays out. Hopefully it'll be on a day I'm free!

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I've got a busy Fall too but I'm hoping!

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I hope both you and Heather can come. It is a long drive for just about everyone but me (and any lurkers who live in Oakland) but we would have so much fun!!!

So... why don't we start by talking about good days of the week for people and take it from there. Would Fridays ever work for you Sheri-I know you have work commitments that day.

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Here's the fall Ramekins catalog.

Joyce Goldstein, Joanna Weir, Alice Medrich and more.

It is in Sonoma but the classes have better hours. Again, I'm happy for the passengers from Oakland north.

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Some great classes it seems from my first glance, I will download it and look more thoroughly later. It would be fun if I could fit this in, but would have to be after about Oct 20 or so for me, work is just going to be so nuts until then. The class times are better for me in this one.

I don't want to be gum in the works though so please do go ahead and plan what works best for the group and if I can make it I will!