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Back from our US/Canadian tour

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About 6,500 miles later with one speeding warning plus one flat tire, we are back home.  The trip was fabulous.  As soon as I get my act together, I will report and show photos.

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We had a magnificent trip to Vancouver and back.  Since the objective was to spend as much time as possible in Seattle with family and Vancouver BC for VancouverFest (probably about number 20 by now), we decided to do very little out of the way sightseeing, but instead do a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives stop as often possible.  We ended up hitting about 10 places in all plus a couple of restaurants from other FoodTV shows.

In general the DDD restaurants were a disappointment.  They were all unique in their own way, fairly inexpensive, but lacking great food. 

We started in Memphis eating some of the best fried chicken ever at Gus's (a recommendation from Man vs Food#.  Next day we were off to Oklahoma City where we enjoyed a wonderful evening with SallyBR and her delightful husband, Phil. We had dinner at the Cattlemen's Steak House.  It was great to finally meet Sally.  She is really a sweetie.

500+ miles later we arrived at the Governer's Inn, Santa FE.  We spent the next two days enjoying the beautiful city.  We ate dinner at Tomasita's the first night where we enjoyed an excellent dinner, #thanks, debpasc#; had breakfast at the Tune-up Cafe, #the best of the DDD's#, drinks and wonderful chips and salsa at Coyote Cafe and followed with dinner at Backroad Pizza where we were entertained by a local group of musical talent that meets there weekly.

Next stop was Orem, Utah.  You might remember that was after Rita meet one of Utah's finest State Troopers...anyway...Art gave us a wonderful insight into the creation of his incredible Amano chocolates. #Art, I shared your generous gift with the Vancouver gang and they loved it.) That evening we ate Philly cheese steak and meatball sandwiches at Moochies in Salt Lake City.  Before leaving Salt Lake we ventured up to Ruth's diner in the mountains outside the city.  Breakfast under the trees in the courtyard was GREAT! 

Another 500+ miles and we arrived in Boise, ID.  Dinner at Bar Gernika was not note-worthy....We passed through Seattle staying at the Inn at the Market.  Rita loved Pike Place Market.  We enjoyed dinner at my favorite Chinese..Shanghai Gardens, breakfast at Tom Douglas' Lola and dinner at a local Thai rest.  Typhoon. We were then off to Vancouver....

More to follow.....




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Sounds like a wonderful trip!  Sorry I missed it, but you must know by now that I had lots of other things on my mind, so guess it was all for the best.  When are you and Rita coming back to NC?

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As soon as you can join in the fun!!!!

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Chapter Two.....

Although we missed the "big night" in Vancouver we did enjoy meeting everyone for tea and cake at Barbara Jo's bookstore after we arrived at the Sylvia. Then were off to Vij's for a great night of food and friendship. It was great to see Sandra, Peter, Ashley, Jen, Astrid, Tracey & Bernie again and to have Rita meet them all.  Next day we lunched at Fuel where Glenys joined us for fried chicken.

Day two:  We toured Vancouver and enjoyed chowder at The Fish House in Stanley Park.

Day three... We spent the day at Granville Island and ate lunch at Go Fish, a great recommendation by Peter.  The fish and chips were one of the best meals of the trip.  After cocktails at the Sylvia with Glenys we were treated to a delicious and new experience at Salt which specializes in artisanal cheeses and cured meats from local charcuteries.  Rita enjoyed meeting everyone and visiting BC for the first time.

Off to Seattle and visiting with the kids and grandchildren for four days. Great visit !!!

"On the road again"...back to Boise and dinner at Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine...crazy ambience..lots of flies and so-so food.  Next stop Riverton, WY. and then off to Rapid City to visit with a friend of Rita's from her early days at Dow AFB in Bangor, ME.

500 miles again and we took a great trip down memory lane when we spent two days with a gal we double-dated with in HS.  Lots of good food, even more good wine and wonderful memories! 

Off to St. Louis, MO (St Louis is a bigger dump than Detroit)...we ate at the Iron Barley...good food but home is sounding good about now. Decided not to stop in Knoxville but opted for getting the puppies and seeing what the big flood might have done to our home.  Thankfully, we were completely spared of any water damage.

So, there you have it...Bob and Rita's great adventure.  All in all it was a great time and we look forward to our next "trip".





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What a blast!  Good way to see the US too.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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So THAT's the fried chicken place you both were talking about! Your description made me salivate, I wish I could go there sometime

ONe of the places in New Mexico I've been to, I recognized the photo

Glad you guys had a great time!



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(May 29th, 2009)

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Sounds wonderful. How did you like that New Mexico sunlight? It's, IMO, one of the prettiest states. How were the chiles?

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I recognize the arch, having driven through last march on the way to Branson. Love to stop there sometime..

Twice I made DH go out of the way for restaurants that were featured on the Food Network. Two of the worst meals of our lives! I'll never live it down.



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The chiles were fabulous.

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Good! Nothing like homegrown produce!