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Fastest Buns - Dough in Advance?

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The recipe for "Fastest Cinnamon Buns" (on page 72 of November 2007, No. 88) looks wonderful.  But I would like to know if I can make the dough in advance by two days.  Has anyone made this recipe in advance?  I was thinking of having it to be "oven ready" and in the springform pan for baking Monday a.m.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Susie

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I wouldn't hesitate to do that with a yeast based sweet roll, but I'm not sure I would try it with a sweet baking powder biscuit base.  I think the point of the recipe was to produce a sweet roll quickly without making a yeast dough.  (Recipe not in front of me, speaking from memory.) 

If I were going to do that, I'd do a test recipe before counting on being able to produce it for guests.

I am doing a yeasted dough for cinnamon rolls as we speak, and it is resting in the fridge right now.  I just rolled out half the dough, filled with cinnamon sugar filling, and am baking off as a test.  If it's good, I'll do the other half up the same way, and refrigerate overnight.

Many on the board make the rolls in the evening, refrigerate overnight, and bake off in the morning.  Very successful technique.

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Great, guess I should have considered the yeast factor - but didn't.  So now I guess I'll wait until tomorrow night, late, and have ready for the early morning.

Thanks so much for your help - and hope yours turn out wonderfully well for your holiday!


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 I think it will be fine to put together tomorrow night, and then bake off the next morning. 

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