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Culinary Institute of America

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Who has been to CIA in NY and what is your experience?

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To eat or to study?





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I've been to the week long Boot Camp.  There is also a book about the same class.  Very tiring and very informative!  It was a thrilling experience.  There were people in my class from all over the world.



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what made it tiring?

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Classes started at 7am, ended around 3.

Then you had dinner at each of the restaurants each night with the group which lasted from 6ish to 9ish.  It was also a learning experience since you would be tasting wines with dinner.

Classes involved lectures in the morning, then off to the kitchens where you cooked with your group, then ate what you cooked with Chef.  He was always giving constructive criticism....

The book is very accurate to the experience.

I liked that it was very involved with the school.  We could eat breakfast at the main hall with the students-which was always an ever changing menu.  We walked around campus to look at the library and into classes.  We wore the same uniforms as wasn't like we were separated in another building.

I was kinda sorry I didn't stay in the dorm with the students.  One woman in class did and she listened to their stories of hard teachers and got more behind the scenes things.  Some kids were obviously homesick.  When I signed up I stayed in a local hotel.



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Never been to boot camp but I've been to dinner there many times and have taken many classes. Very high energy, very informative and really fun!

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Had a lovely lunch there a couple of years ago.  Don't know about the program. 

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!