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BBC: Anadama Bread (1)

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First bread of the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is done!

mixed feelings about this one, as I used double amount of molasses in the bread. Also, forgot to oil the plastic wrap placed on top of the loaf, and it glued to one side of it. Result, lopsided bread. OH, well.

bread is ok, not great. It is lighter than I expected, and it did not turn out too sweet, by some miracle of sorts.

if you want to see the photos, you can either go here:

or to the CHallenge page:

(where you can see results by folks who can actually bake better bread than yours and truly)



The garbage disposal is your friend. Treat it nicely.

(A little pearl of wisdom, February 2009)

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I like that you are putting this in CooksTalk Project! Yay for you for undertaking this!

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It was not my idea - AnnL suggested, and I thought it was a good move.

now, let's hope I can keep up with the challenge. Next bread is Artos - Greek Celebration bread....

for some reason I am afraid of that one.

we shall see....



The garbage disposal is your friend. Treat it nicely.

(A little pearl of wisdom, February 2009)

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I love to bake bread, and used to do it every Saturday.  Now that I'm trying to lose some weight, though, baking bread is something I have to enjoy vicariously, so that is why I enjoy your posts.

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Sally, good for you for taking up this challenge! BTW, Anadama bread can be heavy. Don't worry. This bread has corn meal and molasses for heaven's sake! It is a dense, no air holes type of bread. You did a great job! I have made the Celebration breads, just remember the pannettone bread you made. Extra ingredients, like butter and eggs will make it stollen-like. After doing really wet doughs like ciabatta, this will be very easy.

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