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Yikes! Can someone tell me what to do...

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Someone just walked into my office and handed me a big ol Live Dungeness crab. I'm in California, and go home in 2 hours. I wrapped it in wet newspaper & put in in the fridge. My husband will have to put a live thing in boiling water (I can't!) - but for how long? Or if we try a cioppino, how do we prep it? Sure would appreciate your help. How soon must it be cooked after I get home 2 hrs. from now?
By the way, before the "crash" I did get the responses re: warm chocolate cake from Gerard, Chiffonade, and Andrea. Thank you all so much. I will try your recipe Andrea. It was the "warm" part that intrigued me.
Sure hope someone can help fast on this crab. It looks glorious - want to do it justice! (And know what the heck I'm doing.)

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Cook in pot of rapidly boiling water for 12-14 minutes. Remove, cool under running water just enough to handle. Pull off top shell, thoroughly rinse body of entrails. Add claws/ meat to cioppino at last 2 minutes just to heat.

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If the word "Mean" in "Mean Chef" means WONDERFUL, then you've got your moniker right! Thank you, thank you for your guidance. My husband and I are sitting here after our crab dinner just grinning and sighing and grinning and sighing. We followed your instructions and it was perfect! We got two nice gifts today. You were the second one.

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He can be a good boy when he wants to be.


His loving senile old mother