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Which chocolate should I use for baking?

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Which is the best chocolate to use for truffles? chocolate cake?

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Hi evabrcic,  I would say for trufffles and other confections where you really taste the chocolate, use the best you can afford-- Callebaut is a favorite of mine.  It will depend on your taste (I wouldn't use something really assertive like Scharfenberger), and where you live (here in Chicago, I can get very good Polish chocolate, but in rural areas, you might have to make do).  Just avoid chocolate chips and other preparations that have additions beyond chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and sugar.

For cake and suchlike, I do use a slightly lower grade, as the other ingredients mask the chocolate a bit.  

What, specifically, are you making?  I'm thinking of a batch of Chewy Brownies from FC, mmm.

My 1st grader thinks I should really be thinking of Abby Dodge's Emergency Blender Cupcakes though.


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I always say anthing with (post #71570, reply #2 of 2)

I always say anthing with chocolate in it is ummmm ummm good or is that a soup commercial?