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Whats the deal with French Fries?

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Whats the deal with French Fries? (post #71656)

Made a near perfect batch finally, on my 5th go. Nice and creamy on the inside, nice and crisp on the outside.....BUT the entire fry tastes off. It tastes "mealy" as if it had been frozen or something.

I'm using 3 inch Idaho Russets that look nice and moist, no green or black spots or growth, so I think these are fresh but they just have an off texture.

If Idaho's scrubbed and soaked to remove the starch wasn't the recommended potatoe, I'd say I was using the wrong species?

I was using about a 3/8th inch cut, think I'll go up to 1/4 inch square, maybe 5/8th and see if that changes anything.  I really wanted the smaller fries.  I'll also try a different grower from a different state I think.  After that, maybe a whole different species.

Anyone use different kind of potatoes for fries?


Of note:  I'm finding the best way to get a uniform manual cut on these potatoes is to "square them off."  I do this by making very thin cuts on the outside very purposefully to make a small batch of potatoe chips.  Best batch of them too without the meally issue==they are so thin, no room for the meal.

Then for grins, I made an onion flower but just using the onion--no breading at all to save on the calories.  I wouldn't eat it alone, but it made a nice counterpoint with the fries.  Fun to watch it cook.  It opened up in the oil quite nicely.  I cooked mine with the root side up for ease of retrieving from the pot.  I'll go the other way next time just for more grins.

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The "prevailing thought" (post #71656, reply #1 of 1)

The "prevailing thought" about French fries is to double cook.  Fry at 350*, remove and then fry again at 375* to finish. You are fying "planks"--I assume you meant 1/2" (not 1/4 since that is already less than 3/8).  Russets are the preferred FF potato I believe.